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About The Short Humour Site

About The Short Humour Site

The Short Humour Site was created by Brian Huggett and launched in 2006. The Site is edited by Brian with the support of like-minded friends and relatives.

The purpose of the Short Humour Site is to publish any type of humorous writing of around 500 words. There are currentlypieces of Short Humour available to read on the site, and the Writers’ Showcase includes contributions fromwriters.

The site philosophy is to publish as many submissions as possible and to not presume to act as an arbiter of what is funny. Our belief is that readers, rather than editors, should decide what they like. The site therefore includes an eclectic mix of material, some by writers who have been published extensively and some by writers for whom an appearance on the Short Humour Site has marked their first publication.

New contributors are always very welcome. Please see our Submission Guidelines.

Five anthologies, each containing work by fifty writers from the Writers' Showcase, have been published in print. These books are called People of Few Words, People of Few Words - Volume 2, People of Few Words - Volume 3, People of Few Words - Volume 4 and People of Few Words - Volume 5. Details of all five appear on our Home Page and on the Writers' Showcase page.

We hope to publish People of Few Words - Volume 6 at some point although there are no immediate plans to do this.

The Short Humour Site is not commercial and requires no membership. The site also carries no advertising other than for publications produced by the site or by contributing writers.


About The Editor

The Short Humour Site is edited by Brian Huggett. He lives with his wife in Hampshire, England, and writes under the pen name of Swan Morrison.

Brian has been retired from paid employment since 2011 after a career as a mental health social worker. He now writes, performs as a singer/guitarist and plays with a ukulele band. He also enjoys gardening and is involved with a national mental health charity.

Brian began to write Short Humour in 2001 when he managed The Booger Prize for Short Humour on the Scoop The Loot competition website. At that time this was the longest running, free to enter, Short Humour competition on the Internet.

Since 2001, Swan Morrison’s Short Humour has appeared in many magazines, both online and in print.

Brian has published three compilations of his own Short Humour stories (the same stories that appear on this site).
The books in the trilogy are called:
A Man of Few Words
A Man of a Few More Words and
A Man of Yet a Few More Words

Visit the Short Humour Trilogy webpage


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Visit Swan Morrison


Each book in the trilogy contains one hundred stories, dialogues, poems, letters, spoof news reports, articles and songs. All are available in paperback and as free eBook downloads.

Brian has written two novels and a novella.
The novels form a duology and are called:
Judgement Day -
Visit the Judgement Day webpage
Until the End of Time -
the Until the End of Time webpage
The novella is called:
Deep Black - Visit
the Deep Black webpage

Judgement Day was the Silver Medal Winner of the 'Fiction - Humor/Comedy' Category of Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards - 2016.

Brian is currently working on a more serious adventure novel called Starchild.

Brian is also a photographer, and a selection of his favourite work can be viewed at:

Interviews with Brian can be read at:
Awesomegang (2015):
Six Questions For... (2011):
Duotrope's Digest (2010):

A radio interview with Brian on Brighton and Hove Community Radio on Friday 24th August 2018 can be heard at:

An interview with Jilliana Ranicar-Breese for her YouTube Channel can be seen at: