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Glossy News - One of the best spoof news sites on the Internet.

Freeola - Excellent Internet Service Provider with free hosting and free, advertising free, webspace - plus a lot more.

Costa Tropical News - All you need to know about the Costa Tropical in Spain. Includes links to Swan Morrison's Short Humour.

WriteLink - Excellent resource for writers and a friendly online writing community (including writings by Swan Morrison).

Writers' Dock - Another excellent resource for writers and a friendly online writing community (including writings by Swan Morrison).

Writerspodium - A sister site to Writers' Dock which allows writers to showcase their work and, at the same time, make money! (including The North Pole and Geography by Swan Morrison).

Stephen Leacock - One of the greatest humour writers of all time. Find out more about him and his work at the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour site.

Artwork by Ken Simm - A contributor to our Writers' Showcase.

The Cynic Online Magazine - Brilliant, original humour writing (including I See Dead People by Swan Morrison).

The Spoof! - One of the largest and funniest online spoof news, satire and parody newspapers on the Internet (including Britain Sinks in Atlantic Storm, British Sporting Victories Predicted For 2012 Olympics, New Banking Disaster Shakes Investor Confidence, Alarm at Increase in Crimes for Charity, In Search of the Calorie, English and the Art of Wildebeest Hunting, Fear as Cockney Pandemic Sweeps UK, Tabloid Readers Shamed, Tourists Flock to See Non-existent, Abstract, Mathematical Concepts, Agricultural Colleges Changing With The Times, Controversial Report Published on 'Christmas in England', Star Sign Reassignment Continues To Promote Controversy, Visual World To Revert To Black-and-White, Year Of 2012 To Be Postponed, EAS Sufferers Receive European Court Backing, Weather-Related Petitionary Prayer Could Cause Environmental Catastrophes, Warn Scientists, Concern As Football Supporter Defections Reach New High, Anti-Matter 'Missing' From Universe Is Found, 'Grow Your Own' Embraced By Trend-Conscious Middle Classes, The Silence Of The Automobiles, CERN Issues Instructions On The Capture And Storage Of Higgs Bosons, IMF Explains How World Debt Crisis Is To Be Solved By "Imaginary Economics", Preparations Underway For Journey Of Olympic Flame, "Leap Centimetre" To Be Added To The Length Of The Metre In 2012, Leveson Inquiry Focuses On The Real Cause Of Dishonest, Bullying And Unethical Tabloid Journalism, London Borough Of Ealing Declared International Dark-Sky Reserve, England Prepares For Scottish Independence, UK Government To Take Urgent Action To Simplify Everyday Life, The Hunting Act 2004 - Eight Years On (An Undercover Short Humour Site Report), Shortage Of Suitable Acts Threatens Future Series Of Hit ITV Show, Britain's Got Talent, London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Exposes Non-existent Countries, The Sign Of Ophiuchus, General Synod To Vote On A Boycott Of The Laws Of Physics, Continued Failure To Vet Beef Supplies Would Result In Flogging A Dead Horse, Says Food Industry and Literary World Stunned By Claims That Thousands Of English Words Have Gone Missing by Swan Morrison).
See also
Spoof Headlines by Swan Morrison.

Horizon Magazine - A digest of good stories and humour that is published monthly, distributed free to 10,000 households in central Alberta and sent to subscribers across Canada. The November 2007 edition includes Mall Rescue by Swan Morrison.

Helium - Another good site to showcase your writing talents at no cost (including The Fourth Generation Zoo, Stackers and The Boeing 983 by Swan Morrison).

Online Internet Directory - An Internet directory with links to humour sites.

Humor and Life, in Particular - laugh–out–loud, original, homespun humor - plus a free to enter humor competition! (including Casketech by Swan Morrison).

Short Story Library - Free Online Magazine - Poetry, MicroFiction, Flash Fiction and Short Stories (including The Circle Game by Swan Morrison).

Jelly Mom - The laughter break that gets parents through the week. Edited by Lisa Barker, a contributor to this site.

Bewildering Stories - A home for speculative writing of all genres (including Stackers and The Kingdom of the Dead by Swan Morrison).

Apollo's Lyre - A Writers' Digest (including Guiltman by Swan Morrison).

Flashshot - Great exposure for 100 word pieces of writing (including flash humour by Swan Morrison from Flash Of The Headlights).

The Shine Journal - 'Exceptional Flash, Poetry, Art and Photography!' (including The Picassos by Swan Morrison).

Laughter Loaf - More great online humour (including The Memory of Water and The Actress by Swan Morrison).

The Northville Review - Striving to publish work that tweaks, pokes, bends, and occasionally rolls its eyes at the everyday (including A Monastic Life by Swan Morrison).

Duotrope's Digest - A free writers' resource listing large numbers of current fiction and poetry publications. Includes entry for The Short Humour Site.

The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook - Major reference giving advice and information on getting published. Listing are online.

The University of the Bleeding Obvious - Lots of great comic ideas. Lots of great funny stories. - is comprised of a dynamic network of authors and content contributors who they proudly refer to as their Intelligent Life on the Web (including I'd Rather Be In Glastonbury and Waterloo by Swan Morrison).

Golden Apple - A literary ezine for word lovers edited by Amit Parmessur, a regular contributor to the Short Humour Site, (including Rivermarsh United by Swan Morrison in the October 2010 edition).
Find out more about Amit at: Parmessur.

McStorytellers - Great stories by writers who were born in Bonnie Scotland (or have a strong Scottish connection).

Every Day Poets - Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry. The Managing Editor is Oonah Joslin who is a contributor to the Short Humor Site.

NORAD Tracks Santa - Bear this site in mind for the children at Christmas. It's a charming and inspired stroke of comic genius.

welcometowherever - A beautiful site containing a diverse collection of artwork, poetry and prose (including I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues and The Da Vinci Code by Swan Morrison).
In addition, two Swan Morrison stories appear in an anthology of work from this site. These are
The Da Vinci Code and Star Sign Reassignment Continues To Promote Controversy. The anthology, called Welcome To Wherever - The Birthday Anthology can be obtained from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

The Daily News - British comedy website featuring fake news and real other stuff, from travel diaries to “scary pub” reviews. Broadcast from London, Monday to Friday.

Writing into Wellness - This blog chronicles experiences that connect writing and wellness. It features many forms of authentic writing. Images and stories that stimulate reflection, as well as original gratitude expressions from personal experiences are main features. Related research and on-going projects from other sources are high-lighted. Like-minded readers are invited to share their experiences and insights within the writing/wellness connection.

The Queen's English Society - Promoting good English.

Winterwind - Excellent reading on a diverse range of fact and fiction. Currently seeking submissions of around 1500 words, although can be flexible.