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A Man of Yet a Few More Words - by Swan Morrison


The sound of a gong resonated throughout the Himalayan Buddhist mountaintop temple. The monks paused from their meditations upon a white circle in the ground on which was focussed the image of the sun.

‘Cessation of sunspot activity will destroy our plan,’ announced Mohada, gravely. The others sorrowfully nodded in agreement as he solemnly continued, ‘We must revise our strategy for global vegetarianism.’


The wish to impose their own views upon others is a long established arrogance of most religious and political activists. No one, however, had suspected the existence of radicals with such an attitude within Buddhism. There were such individuals, nontheless, and Mohada had formed his sect in the mid 1980s with the aim of forcing all nations to become vegetarian. They had named their secret order 'The Vegerists’.

At once, radical Vegerists had faced a problem unlike any experienced by other disaffected groups who wished to change the world to their own ends. In accordance with Buddhist beliefs, Vegerists were unable to kill or destroy in pursuit of their goals.

Non-violent achievement of international vegetarianism had posed a seemingly impossible dilemma, until meteorologists had provided a solution:

Global temperatures had been rising during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Uncertain, however, was whether this was a natural phenomenon, or whether man-made carbon emissions were a significant contributory factor. Phase one of the Vegerists’ plan was to convince the world that mankind had indeed caused global warming and that greenhouse gas emissions must be radically reduced.

By the late 1990s, Vegerist infiltrators had obtained key posts in most international climate research facilities. Here they could manipulate data to support the theory of man-made global warming.

The resulting conclusions led all governments towards environmental action, whatever their motives: Leaders of industrialised nations calculated that forcing worldwide reduction in carbon emissions would impede developing countries in establishing economic prosperity and hence weaken their impact as market competitors. Leaders in developing nations recognised that unpredictable flooding or drought due to global warming might reduce domestic output and hence reduce the money available for them to systematically and maliciously embezzle from their peoples.

The Vegerists, due to their links with research establishments, had understood from the late 1990s that man-made carbon emissions were not a fundamental cause of the global temperature increase. However, while temperatures continued to rise, the real cause could be suppressed:

The solar wind is a stream of charged particles ejected from the upper atmosphere of the sun, and it is more active during periods of high sunspot activity. This solar wind shields the Earth from cosmic rays which otherwise excite atmospheric molecules and cause cloud formation. Such clouds block sunlight and reduce temperatures. A strong solar wind, therefore, causes global temperatures to rise, and a weak solar wind causes temperatures to fall. A strong solar wind had been the primary cause of global warming during the past seventy years.

There was now to be a period of minimal sunspot activity and hence a weak solar wind. Temperatures would soon fall, as had happened in the 17th century when a similar absence of sunspots, called The Maunder Minimum, had triggered a 'Little Ice Age' lasting seventy years. The man-made global warming illusion would soon be exposed.


‘We were so close,’ continued Mohada with pathos. ‘The Powerful are ready to act decisively against greenhouse gas emissions. Phase two of our plan, to internationally publicise the fact that livestock generate fifty-one percent of the world’s carbon emissions, would have forced world governments to achieve our goal and enforce a Vegan diet for all.'

The sound of a gong again echoed around the temple.

‘Meditate, brothers,’ entreated Mohada. ‘We must find another way… and,' - another consequence of the sun's forthcomming quiescence suddenly occurred to him -, 'we must install heating in this temple.’