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Further Writing by Swan Morrison

The Next Instalment Of The Jurrasic Park Series

‘Hi, Hal.’

‘Hi, Walt. What’s so damned urgent that you’ve dragged me down here to the production company offices at this godforsaken hour?’

‘The studio’s computers have been hacked, Hal. They’ve taken the script for the next instalment of the Jurassic Park series.’


‘And they’ve posted a plot summary online, Hal.’

‘Fuck! You mean they've revealed that the story will be based around huge, ferocious dinosaurs?’

‘I’m afraid so, Hal.’

‘Did they explain that arrogant entrepreneurs, who’ve clearly learned nothing from earlier instalments, believe they can control the animals?’

‘That too.’

‘Don’t tell me the public now realise that the entrepreneurs’ plans will go dreadfully wrong – the dinosaurs will escape, run amok, and then they’ll even eat people.’

‘Yes, Hal.’

‘Shit! That was supposed to be a surprise plot twist. This is a fuckin’ disaster.’

‘And they know about the romantic sub-plot between the two most likeable leads, Hal.’

‘Have the punters discovered that those leads, the other nice guys, except one, and the kids will all survive, leading to a heart-warming ending?’

‘I’m sorry Hal. The bastards have even revealed that the cynical, unpleasant, self-interested bad guy gets eaten by one of the dinosaurs.

‘OK, we’re gonna have to pull the film and go straight on to making the next one in the series.’

‘But we don't have a script.’

‘We can use the current script, Walt. If we can keep it a secret this time, no one’ll ever guess what’s gonna happen.’