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Writers' Showcase

A Good Thing
by Catherine Trizzino

Belinda woke up and rubbed her throbbing temples.

“Too much tequila,” the voice from beneath the covers said.

Oh, God, Belinda thought. I brought a guy home?

She pulled the covers back and screamed when she saw his shriveled green skin. “You’re an alien!“

“Yes, but that could be a good thing.”

“Good thing? How?” Belinda said..

“I can read your mind so I won’t forget your birthday, like your last boyfriend.”

Belinda thought about the piece of jewelry she’d been coveting for months.

“Pretty silver necklace,” he said.

Belinda smiled.

“And, I give great backrubs.” His four hands worked magic on her back.

“What about your Mom and ex-girlfriends?” Belinda asked.

“Back on my planet.”

“Ok, you’re right,“ Belinda said pulling the covers up over them. “This could be a really good thing.”