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Writers' Showcase

A Stupendous Scientific Discovery
by Michael A. Kechula

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” said Dr. Zanker, “we are on the brink of a stupendous scientific discovery. Tonight, through hypnotic regression we will discover exactly how Earth was created.”

When the applause died down, Zanker said to his assistant, “Lie down, Susan. You are getting very sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier.”

Minutes later Susan was in a deep trance.

“Go back in time,” Zanker commanded. “Go back. Way back. What do you see?”

“Egyptians building pyramids.”

“Go back even further. Where are you now?”

“I see huge dinosaurs.”

“Go back further. What do you see?”


“Wonderful! This must be the moments preceding the creation of Earth. Do you see anything in the sky?”

“Yes. Three gigantic comets. Oh how horrible! They’re colliding! They’re exploding!”

“Eureka!” Zanker yelled. “We’ve discovered the creators of Earth!”

“Susan, do the comets have names?”


“What are they?”

“Larry, Curly, and Moe.”