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Writers' Showcase

Beyond Belief
by Michael A. Kechula

“Me and Charlie crashed a weird party,” Willie said. “You wouldn’t believe who was there. Or maybe I should say WHAT was there. Scared the hell out of us.  After our eyes got used to the lights and looked around, we ran out of there. But not before Charlie reached out and touched one of those creepy things."

“What did you see?” asked Jim.

“Very strange beings.  None had had more than two legs. And get this: they all had two arms. Even worse, their freakin heads were sitting above their arms on top of their bodies---if bodies is even the right word."

“C’mon. Nothing has a head on top. Not even Gribblesnatchers on Saturn. What the hell you been smoking?”

“Nothing.  I swear. None of them had heads on their backs like us. In fact, they only had one head. They were the ugliest looking things I’ve ever seen anywhere in the universe.”

“Aw, nothing could be that awful.”

“I’ll take you there so you can see for yourself.”

“OK let’s go.  By the way, what happened to Charlie?”

“He got so scared, he jumped in his ship and headed home.  You should’ve seen the look on his face.  He said he was going to tell the Interstellar Protector Patrol about what he saw.   If they believe him, they ought to show up any minute to exterminate those freaks. So, if you want to see something beyond belief before they get wiped out, we better get there fast.”

They arrived too late.  The Interstellar Protector Patrol had already torched the building.

“Hey, Officer,” Jim yelled.  “What was inside?”

“Ugliest bastards we ever saw.  We captured one and killed the rest.”

“Can I have a look at the prisoner?” Jim asked.

“That’s against the rules until it gets processed through the Species Identification Center.”

“How long will that take?”

“Hard to say.  Something this weird might take a dozen or more sun rotations to classify.”

“Is it true that they only had one head, two arms, and two legs?”


“Just like I told you,” Willie said.

“You’ve seen them?” asked the Officer.

“Yes. Me and my friend Charlie.  He’s the guy who reported this thing to you guys.”

“Hmm.  You better come with me.”

“Why?” Willie asked.

“For psychological reorientation. You’ve suffered a terrible trauma. You might start babbling like your friend.” 

“But I feel fine. Just got a bit scared, that’s all.”

“You sure?”

“Fiblee biblee kiblee boop.”