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Writers' Showcase

Five Flash Fiction Pieces
by Janine Bouyssounouse

Out Of Town Observations:

"Mmmm... This stuff is good. What do they call it again?" Hip asked Jod.

"I think they call it roasted peanuts. They have those long things in some type of wheat based product. I think they call those hot dogs." said Jod.

"I wonder if the dogs mind being eaten." said Hip.

"I think they are not the same as the furry beasts that seem to run this place." said Jod.

"Now why do the furry beasts exercise their men by having them hit the sphere and run around the square?" asked Hip.

Jod replied, "I think it is so they can keep track of them during their time outside. Notice the fencing to keep them contained. The furry beasts have their hands full training their men with this practice they call catch."

"I guess the furry beasts have a long way to go training these men before we are ready to take them to the home planet, Bazor. Let's check back in another hundred earth turns to see their progress."


Look. What's That Up In The Sky?

"Oh no!"

"What is it, Jerry?"

"Look. Can't you see it, Larry?"

"See what? Are you on something?"

"It's right there in front of you."

"All I see is the tree swaying in the wind, Jerry. What's the big deal?"

Kaboom!!!! The tree house fell twenty feet and crashed into hundred's of pieces.

"I tried to warn you, Larry. I didn't want it to be an unexpected windfall." Said Jerry to his recently crushed friend.


The Radio Announcer In Full Sling:

Like a snipper, he lay waiting. When the front door opened, he pulled the trigger on the high powered sling shot.

The scissors flew threw the air and pinned the intruder to the door jamb by catching the edge of his jacket with the scissor tips stuck in the wood.

Will the snipper ever snip again?

Will the intruder break free from the high powered scissor pinning?

Stay tuned as our combatants duke it out on prime time TV.


Poor Old Tony:

"You can bet your boots we're gonna miss him. He was a real good time Charlie." Reg said to the bar full of people.

"Lift your glasses to Tony. May he rest in peace, since his life was war." Reg lifted his mug in tribute.

"Tony's not dead, you old fool!" shouted the bar maid.

"But he didn't show up for drinks, so he must be dead." said Reg.

"Don't you read the papers? He won the lottery and took off to Jamaica." Reg dropped his mug of beer as he heard her voice. Tony was his best friend and he didn't even tell him.

The following week Reg read a postcard. "Don't think I forgot you, you old fool. I always said I would send you a post card if I ever struck it rich. It's boring without you. Your ticket to join me will be there in a few days. From your old pal, Tony. P.S. Don't tell the bar maid I invited you instead of her."


The Leak:

"There’s a leak in the roof, Bert." Mathilda stood with her hands on her hips.

"Put a pot under it. It’s not a big deal." Bert turned the page in the newspaper.

"The snow’s meltin’ and the roof’s leakin’." Mathilda grabbed a pot and put it on top of the towels sopping up the mess.

"I heard you the first time, dear." Bert folded his paper and went outside for a walk.

After his walk, Bert came in the kitchen door only to find the kitchen filled with snow and ice. He noticed a corner of his wife’s apron sticking out of the wet slush.

"I guess she wasn’t foolin’ around about the leak in the roof."