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Head Over Tails In Love
by Amit Parmessur 

..Once a coin there was with an old maimed tail,
  Often it was pestered by a sticky stuff.
  In spending, his boss must have been a real snail.
  Even in saving he must have been duff,
  Else, why would the coin pine for his species?
  But joy came when the boss vanquished all odds:
  He dropped a coin near his smelly panties!
  Mad the old coin became, came lover's words:
  "In days of yore I went morose and astray,
  Now, against you I've hit on my path,
  And I think I have found the truly nice tray
  That will transport me a way from that tacky bath.
  In your fragrant fragrance I'll drench myself,
  In your (so chaste they seem!) sinews we'll dwell,
  In your crystal clear eyes I will see my wife,
  Only if you do not send me back to hell."
  But the buxom newcomer kept a cool head.
  Though trammelled by the gluey handkerchief
  "I'll wag my tail for you only until I'm dead,
  Because I don't want to remain in grief."
  Did come from oldie's poetic and zestful muscles.
  He added: "Saw you when you're dropped -- cute!"
  "I saw you too -- a bag of mucus."
  Then, for days the pocket remained absolutely mute.
  But glory rose: the hanky was removed
  And oldie rolled to rest in his love's lovely arms.
  Climax of one-way traffic! Screeches followed,
  Screeches of hate, screeches of hopeless
  Then the fingers re-entered the pocket:
  The coins went in opposite directions,
  One unwillingly, one like a rocket.
  And, one more coin skated down the fingers
  And it stampeded towards the female,
  And she was sweet on him within hours.
  Then, the boss met his bed after some ale,
  Keeping his trousers near the scarlet pillows.
  The lovers' heads kept close to each other.
  Kicked, oldie was but a mass of tension,
  But the next rays sent him on a tower:
  Some rare stiffness hewed their elation!
  Oldie's hopes shone more when his rival was spent,
  But too ecstatic he shouldn't have been
  As his female's fast flight his hopes did dent.
  For some nine months he became lean, lean, lean.
  Then, a coin into the pocket was shot.
  Old oldie looked at her head fixedly --
  She resembled his lost love. Did she not?
  Yes, but a glance at her eyes -- so gritty! --
  Sent old oldie into jelly-like mud:
  They resembled his rival's pair of eyes.
  He had routed oldie without a thud!
  Now oldie was like one of those ditched guys,
  But he did not give up, yes, he did not.
  "How would I've wagged my tail when it can't move!"
  He grimaced, as he promised not to rot.
  He sat, and related a tale on love to his niece.