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Important Announcement
by Michael A. Kechula

The entire surface of Mars was red except for one green rock.

Astronauts from planet Zorg discovered the rock. Loading it on their spacecraft, they took it home for analysis.

Martians went ballistic. They sent a message to the Emperor of Zorg: “Your stupid astronauts have trespassed our planet. During their unauthorized rampage, they kidnapped our God. Return Him immediately! Our churches are in chaos!”

The Emperor replied, “That rock’s your God? How dumb! Why don’t you worship our Sun like everybody else?”

Incensed, the Martians fired 100,000 nuclear missiles at Zorg’s Sun.

CNN reported, “This news bulletin just came in from a distant galaxy. Zorg’s Sun has been nuked. The Emperor of Zorg has released this important announcement: ‘Attention Zorg Sun worshippers. All church services have been canceled for the next billion years.’”