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Writers' Showcase

by Amit Parmessur

She could stoke fire. She could stroke fire. She could lock a drawer and put the key in the same drawer. Her name, Otto. With love ottO. She had not only a name but a mane too. And for that she was respected and inspected. Between her and men nodistance.

Once, to school she went -- the whole Church would always remember that! The teacher asked what does a bishop do.

"A bishop is someone who hops twice," Otto stood up and said.

The class hopped. She did not blush.

"Hop it!" yelled the teacher.

A second time she went to school -- all gymnasts should remember that! "What is a prebend?" asked the teacher.

"A pre-bend is a bend before we bend," ottO said, and stood up. She blushed. The class did not hop. The teacher promised to promise to pre-pare her for the examinations with his sharp stick in the corner of a corner of the classroom.

And yesterday to the bizarre bazaar she was going. No she was not; the bazaar was fully full. Somewhat confused, to a hops -- sorry shop -- she went. She entered. But no one trembled. Her mane had lost a bit of izzat down the years.

"Can I help you, Madam?" asked a salesman.

"madaM!" she rectified. "Yes you can."

"What you need?" asked the salesman.

"A present," she said.

"What present you want madaM?" asked the salesman.

She pondered. Good question? "The present I want for the present is my past," she said. The salesman stood stock still by the moving stock (there were clocks whose needles were moving).

"The past as present! We are in present, why the past?" asked the salesman, playing the game.

"The past is past. That is what I present, I mean I resent," said Otto.

Then, she thought she was digressing and forgetting the present she came to buy for Honey her quite silly future husband who was in love with Italy and tea and who insisted that at present and in future she must forget her past for getting a husband like him.

Time passed. "What present?" the salesman asked.

"A pre-sent present," she said automatically. As you can see or read, she had not lost her school habits.

"How can I send you a gift before I send you the gift?" asked the salesman. He was so con-fused that he resigned. ottO made him re-sign, apologized and

A few days later ottO got married! Refusal would have meant the death of her mother's husband.

"When shall we kiss?" asked Honey.

"On... on honey...moon," she faltered.

Honey saw she was disturbed. "On moon Honey. This is what you wanted to say? How Romeantic!" He sipped
his strong cup of strong tea.

"No, on honeymoon," she breathed hard.

"Oh no. On moon, Honey." Honey persisted.

She slapped him. His tea and teeth flew. "H'ney farą da sč," he shouted, kneeling and brandishing his cup strongly. He collapsed. All bees were offended.