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Mathematics of Beauty
by Amit Parmessur

Mathematics revision class had started. And it was very boring too. Until I opened my book and saw her angelic face. Our teacher on his part was energetically and uselessly reminding us how to solve a quadratic equation.

A sudden thought.

What if I become a quadratic equation? Yes, what if I become a quadratic equation? Then she would be my solution. And how do we prove that a solution is unique? She is unique.

I began turning the pages at random, forgetting the teacher. Self-revision you know. Mapping and Function. Interesting chapter. What if now I transform myself into a mapping? Then she would be my function. One that would map me onto unlimited bliss. If only I were a domain and she my co-domain.

I felt happy and started dreaming. But my happy dream was short-lived. “Can you my boy tell me what do you understand by the domain of a function?” asked the teacher who was surprisingly standing beside me. I could not answer. Too difficult.

Back to collective revision.

What is the largest integer? Is there any limit? Can’t we go beyond that limit point? What is a sequence? Why do we usually say that a sequence either converge or diverge? Boring questions? No. Very boring.

And too many questions at a time too. The chapter on integers. How could I find all these answers when I only knew that I would always converge to her, that I would never diverge to other girls, that is, she would be my eternal limit point. How could I find these answers when my love for her was diverging to infinity. And after all, all answers have questions, but all questions do not have answers.

“The following two chapters are of great importance,” the teacher then said with vigour. About Differentiation and Integration I could only remember that the beauty of a girl and her simplicity differentiated her from the other girls. And if she would only accept to integrate my life I would be the happiest person in class, on earth. About Complex Numbers, that chapter was too complex for me. Similarly, life without her, too complex.

Another boring chapter. Circular Measure. I held my head and closed my eyes, asking myself whether she would be able to measure the magnitude of my love for her. And finally, Co-ordinates Geometry. One of the chapters I disliked the most. As you must be knowing, we have to compute the magnitude of the distance between two co-ordinates.

The formula to be used was undeniably too complex for me. Instead, I could only pray that the distance between my beautiful angel and I would converge to zero. Complex and converge again. Mixture of chapters and confusion already, as you can see.

I closed my eyes. To hell with revision. Both collective and self. Let the examination come. After all all answers have questions, but all questions do not have answers. I resumed dreaming.