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Mrs. Jibble's Class
by Catherine Trizzino

"Class … seats … now," Mrs. Jibbles barked, "or heads will roll."

The students dutifully took their seats.

"Much better, poodles. First, we have a new student. Stand up please, Miss Rayin."

Summer got up slowly - she hated being the center of attention.

"This class, is our newest student, Summer Rayin. Say hello class."

"Hello class," the students chorused.

"Hi," Summer replied.

"Ok, dumpling. You can sit."

"So, class, today we will continue our anatomy lesson from last week. Does anyone remember what we were discussing?"

A round boy with pumpkin colored hair that stood at attention on his head, said. "We were talking about why Junior passes gas."

The students snickered.

"Wolfgang … detention room … immediately, " Mrs. Jibbles bellowed.

The boy padded out of the room and Summer noticed the class grew eerily still.

"No more interruptions, right, my strudels?" Mrs.. Jibbles said, "We were discussing the digestive system."

Heads bobbed.

"Please take out your homework."

The students reached in their desks and pulled out frogs in all sizes and colors. Summer looked at Mrs. Jibbles expecting rage, but a broad smile painted the teacher's face.

The frogs jumped around the room.

"Ah, yes, very well done children." She turned to Summer. "You can look on with Prudence, dear."

Summer looked at the tiny tree frog still sitting on Prudence's desk and was reminded of the poisonous frogs she saw at the zoo over the summer. She sank further into her chair.

"What have we learned about the digestive system so far?" Mrs. Jibbles asked.

A doll-like girl with platinum braids that brushed the floor raised her hand. "I know, I know."

"Go ahead, dear."

"The small intestine is over twenty feet long."

"Excellent, I think you'll be the first to see my surprise," Mrs. Jibbles said.

The students murmured with excitement as Mrs Jibbles raised her shirt and exposed what should have been a pink belly. In its place was clear glass displaying her pulsing bowels.

The students jumped from their seats and rushed to the front of the room to see Mrs. Jibbles innards. Two of the boys began to scuffle, fighting their way to the front of the line. Fists and curses flew.

"Well kiddies, you must be very excited. Wait your turn dears, wait your turn." Mrs. Jibbles said.

Little noses took turns pressing to the round glass window in their teacher's stomach.

Summer tried to make herself small.

When they had all had their turn looking at Mrs. Jibble’s digestive system they took their seats, giddy from the thrill.

A sound from the hallway got their attention.

The door swung open and a gurney rolled in. "Ok, class. Ready for our hands-on lesson of the digestive system?" Mrs. Jibbles said with a grin.

All eyes turned to the sheet covered body to see a shock of orange hair poking out the top.

Summer tried to make herself invisible.