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My E-Love
by Amit Parmessur

All the time, I was browsing for a creative girlfriend. And when I detected you, I instantly threw my worries into the Recycle Bin arrogantly clicking "Empty Recycle Bin". Date/Time Properties stopped working. Favourites was emptied. History forgotten.

You were at the top of my desk, on my desktop. As my wallpaper. You were my screensaver even when my screen was busy. You were my laptop. I thought of being in your lap. You were my palmtop. You were my motherboard. My memory. My pass mark.

I searched a blank Notepad and got you. I went to Find and engraved your name. The number of files found exceeds the maximum allowed. Please refine your search. I was told so. Refinement you were. Could I refine you? With ILOVEYOU virus in me I became a poet

     I love you
     My CPU.
     I am full of e-motions,
     I want not only u
     But you.

Sincere, I dared not think of WinZip. Shame. Zip. Unzip. Back. Forward. Shame (With cap locks on). Do you know if we get compiled your initials will be H.P (I am not joking.)? When will you type e, f, i and w with the keyboard of your heart and arrange them by size and send to my heart? If you be mine I will definitely upgrade myself. (So will you.)

Hope someone else's CD is not running in your CD-ROM.

CD reminds me of music. Music of Winamp. Winamp of the current with which you first struck me. It still wins in amp. Do I need Real Player when we are real players? Shakespeare. Did he say players or
actors? Actors I think. Oh! I remember how before seeing you I secretly looked for my favourite actresses on the Net (zero out of teN for such an attitude.) You were and are my Personal Celebrity. Is
your love on the top of my palm?

Each of my pixels is your name. Restore me. Attach me to you. Why did you turn out to be a virus? Why? The soft disk of my body suffered a head crash. I tried to refresh my self, but my heart told me it
would be an illegal operation. Is it my F1 - failure 1? Is there up to F12 to go? Save my skin.

Now I play FreeCell to free myself from the cell of solicitude.

You know, I have little knowledge of IT. I barely possess IQ do you expect me to have IT with T three steps away from Q? Nonetheless, I have hazarded to type on e-love. I feel someone must have attempted something similar, but how would I be certain with my low IQ. I may be sued, but please forgive me. I have a low IQ.

If this sounds like some copied stuff then my PC is scooping the loot on to you dear editors. Forgive me. I have a low IQ. But mind you this was not reason for my being deleted.