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Writers' Showcase

Rings of Saturn
by Bill West

06:20 Nebraska, USA. The Huey helicopter wheels northwards. Below, wheat fields spread for miles in all directions. Winch operator Chuck Norson looks down. “Sweet Jesus!” His voice is drowned by the “whump, whump” of the rotor blades. Vast geometric crop circles speckle the plain.

08:20 Nazca, Peru. Archaeologists are stunned by the overnight appearance of new lines and patterns in the Nazca desert, overwriting 4000 year old “Inca roads.” In Manaus, Brazil, isolated groups of rainforest natives leave the jungle prophesying that their gods will return to earth in a sky canoe in two days time.

11:20 Rosswell, New Mexico. US fighter planes scramble to intercept a UFO. At 11:40 there is a disturbance at the Berrington meteor crater. Nasa dismiss all reports of alien contact as unfounded.

1.2 billion kilometers away the rings of Saturn shimmer.

The spaceship reverberates to the sounds of loud music and occasional gunfire. The pilot, dressed in white, slumps at the command console. He giggles as he punches in the co-ordinates for his return journey.

A computer screen springs to life.

“The High Council have declared a state of emergency,” the female alien wails. “Have you been up to your old tricks again?”

The pilot sings his reply, “Ah-ha, ah-ha-ha, yea, yeah, yeah.”

“Oh Elvis, what have you done?”