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Writers' Showcase

The Bright Side
by Joan Pinto

‘Isn’t this the spot the Boss said we need to check for the cable fault?’ the Bombay Electric Supply worker asked his comrade. The two of them stood at the crossroads as rickshaws, bikes and cars raced past with no respect for the traffic lights.

‘I remember him saying it’s the spot where the traffic island faces the election banner,’ the second worker replied, pointing to the one hanging across the road. The huge banner featured a politician, the one who’d promised to fix the drainage systems, and rid the roads of potholes, last election.

‘Yes, he did. But how do we go about it? There’s so much traffic,’ Worker One said.

‘Just begin, ok? We’ve to make sure this electric cable gets fixed for the politician’s rally being held down the road tonight.’

‘Damn politicians. Alright. Alright, Let’s dig.’

Putting up their Work-In-Progress signs, they dug, pulling out whole chunks of tar and rock. But no cable.

‘Dig deeper,’ Worker Two suggested.

Then the pick-axe hit something. A huge hose of dirty water burst through, rising in a curving spout and hitting the politician’s picture right where his big smiling mouth was.

‘I think we got the co-ordinates wrong,’ Worker One said.

‘Yes,’ Worker Two agreed, watching the banner fall backward slowly with the force of the water. ‘We should head to the next traffic island.... but I have a feeling it’s going to be a dark rally tonight’.