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The Gorgeous Killer
by Amit Parmessur

Vehicles were moving at a snail pace amid the dense traffic. Suddenly, a young woman appeared to appear from nowhere. Dexterously carved breasts caged in a carmine satin dress to browbeat devils. Crinkly black hair and cute shy cheeks to die for. Simply arcane beauty.

Paroxysm of frenzy! Some drivers forgot about traffic jam and "Boof! Booof! Boof! Boooof!" followed. There was no gap between any of the five unlucky cars involved. It was on a street in India and nowhere else. My friend told me.

The gorgeous woman then crossed the street without the least consideration for her victims. After all, she was not guilty at all. She was going to pass by one of those small jewellery shops.

Inside, two armed thieves were trying to loot all the money. What a hold up! One of them was sitting -- like a playful child -- on the floor filling his bag with notes from here and there. He was facing the door and when he saw the killer he held his eyes up.

"Hey man!" he yowled to his friend who was busy consoling the crying owner. "Have you seen the jewel fleeing outside?" The friend rushed to the door.

"Waaaaaah! Lucky pavement! " he exclaimed loudly. "What a long-legged gait? What an...?"

It was almost five and there was not a too big crowd along the street. The oppressive sun was killing but not more than that sublime woman. Suddenly a breeze threw her hair back. They flew like deadly spears. Hopefully my friend told me he was not too near. She would have come to him! What else?

The more comical part was yet to come!

My friend said that the woman's destination was to the dentist's. "Was she a dentist?" I asked, a bit confused. My friend ignored my question.

Soon the woman was inside the cabin. She had been meeting the handsome man for years now!

"Good morning Sir," she said to the dentist.

"Good mornin'," answered back the young man. "How are you doin'?"

"Very well Sir!" As she spoke a few decayed teeth were revealed.

It was already evening when she came out, the time when two new prisoners were kicking each other behind the bars.

If you do not want to believe these unbelievable incidents, don't. I know my friend very well. He just cannot lie. Do not despise the woman as well for beauty is a subjective subject and she was certainly beautiful in her own way.

My friend did not lie to me because it was just one of his peculiar dreams...