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What a Mess
by Dennis Langlois

What a mess.

It all started after I found an old hickory nut while raking leaves. I threw the nut across the street and I guess a squirrel was watching. Anyway, the squirrel ran down the tree and across the street causing an oncoming car to swerve off the road and into the woods.

The driver, a huge black man, stumbled out of his car and raced toward me, but he was hit by another car going in the opposite direction. 

The driver of the second car jumped out of her vehicle screaming until the black man pulled himself up and he was holding a pistol. The cute little screamer was an off-duty police officer who initially called-in the accident and then pulled out her pistol when she saw the guy's gun. Several shots were exchanged until the black guy dropped his pistol, but one of the bullets must have hit a gas tank because there was an explosion which knocked me down and started a fire. 

The woods were ablaze when two police cars arrived and they reported the fire. 

The guy was handcuffed and an ambulance called, but a crowd was starting to form. I guess the black guy was part of a nearby family reunion and at least a dozen African Americans were getting really loud and threatening.

The fire trucks couldn't get through to the fire due to the crowd of people and all the cars and the fire was spreading to several nearby homes.

The ambulance finally arrived, but was stalled by the angry crowd who started rocking the vehicle and eventually turned it over which enraged some of the firemen and they turned the water hose on the crowd.

I noticed that the fire finally engulfed one of the homes as more police and more fire personnel arrived.

The home owners also seemed ready to mount an offensive when I looked down and saw the hickory nut I had thrown across the street. I picked up the nut and put it back exactly where I had found it and the crisis immediately dissolved, disappeared, evaporated and I woke up.

That is the most comfortable hammock.