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Why? I often wonder
by Ken Simm

Why does it say on a bottle of sleeping tablets, ‘Warning may make you drowsy’? Glad they told me.

Why does it say on the peanuts they give you on certain airlines, ‘Warning contains nuts’ and then underneath give instructions for use. ‘Open packet and consume’. Otherwise I would have pushed them up my nose.

Why does my wife own a photograph of a sign that says ‘Beware the edges of this sign are sharp!’ and another that states simply ‘Please do not throw stones at this sign’?

Fish from a local supermarket, contains fish.

When they say ‘best ever tasting dog food’, how do they know?

Why do they advertise TV’s on your TV? Think about that.

When they say contains real perfume, as opposed to what?

Why did it once say, before someone obviously noticed, underneath a box of chocolates,’ do not read if box is open’? Oops too late I’ve read it.

How come it said on the side of a bus ‘can’t read, then ring this number’?

I know a sign that says this way to the Braille clinic.

On a DIY leaflet for laying a new felt roof at a local DIY store, it states that this leaflet is also available in Braille. They also have leaflets for painting a wall and drawing plans in Braille.

I hear that an aquarium in our fair capital has a list of exhibits in Braille underneath every tank.

Do not enter when door is closed.

Paediatric medicine ‘Suitable for children 0-5yrs. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking this medicine.

Do not iron whilst wearing this garment.

Serving suggestion on a packet of sausages, a sausage with a fork in it.

Get free voucher when 10 spent in store, no purchase necessary.

Why, in an advertisement for hamburgers, when comparing the size to a car did they have to say ‘not actual size’?

Why did an examination board I once worked for publish a Maths question paper in larger type for the hard of hearing?
A B&B in Ireland had ‘En Suite Fishing’.

This page is left blank?

I could go on but why not fill the rest in yourself?