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George A. Renn:

The author is a former college math and English instructor, travelled the seven seas, and wrote and illustrated whimsical stories for the young of imagination. He published short notes on Chaucer’s use of folklore and science.
He worked on a medieval archeological dig, painted slum schools in Brazil, Sierra Leone, Spain and Haiti, made bricks in Egypt, repaired wheelchairs in Lebanon, and entertained children in Chile He finds delight in repairing old cars and vintage bicycles, occasionally successfully.

Five Playful Poems About Mythological Icons And Historical Characters

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Michael R. Burch:

Michael R. Burch's poems have been published by hundreds of literary journals, taught in high schools and colleges, translated into 19 languages, incorporated into three plays and four operas, and set to music, from swamp blues to classical, by 31 composers. His short humor has been published by LIGHT, Lighten Up Online and Asses of Parnassus, among others.

Poems of Michael R. Burch

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Shamik Banerjee:

Shamik Banerjee is a poet from Assam, India where he resides with his parents.
Some of his recent publications include York Literary Review, Ekstasis, The Dirigible Balloon, and Modern Reformation.

Poems of Shamik Banerjee

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