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Michael A. Skrien:

I am a lifelong attorney specializing in criminal defense of indigents. I have a wife, three children, two ex-wives, and several debt collectors who depend upon me. My hobbies are travel, guitar, outdoors, and writing. I ran a marathon once and learned 26.2 miles is a long way on foot.
As an ex-bartender at the Ritz-Calton, and ex substitute teacher, and lawyer, I have been exposed to an extraordinary amount of mankind's follies.
I hope I can relay some of that humour in an acceptable manner for your enjoyment.  

Jake and Fez at the Pharmacy
Jake and Fez at the Casino
Jake and Fez Go Bowling
Jake and Fez Go Snorkeling
Grand Ma-Ma
Chef Larry

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Charles R. Bucklin:

After many years of "hard livin" - Charles R. Bucklin decided it was time to write some stuff down. 
He is an Author, Humorist, Horror & Thriller enthusiast, and creator of the ongoing short story blog
Charles lives in Sonoma County, California with his beautiful wife, Laura, and two lovable dogs named Roxi and Camille.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
The Old Man Comes Through

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Peter L Oughton:

I am a Chartered Surveyor, living in Cambridgeshire with my wife and mini dachshund. In part of what passes for my spare time, I record audio books for a national charity for the visually impaired so, whilst I do have a love-affair with words, they are always someone else’s!

My Son
Be Careful What You Ask For!
That Demon, Work

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Chandrika R Krishnan:

Chandrika R Krishnan, a Bengaluru-based writer and educationist likes all things beginning with a ‘T’ - talking, teaching, tales and tea. 
Her two hundred odd published articles, poems and stories are as eclectic as her reading and are mostly experiential. She believes that most people have solutions for other people’s problems so she writes for a wider audience.  Besides writing, she likes to read. She often poses questions by way of quizzes for which she has no answers!  
Social media handle:

Baking a cake with a toddler

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Nancy Bowker:

Nancy Bowker lives in Palo Alto, California, USA, with her grown-up triplets—a college student, a barista, and a rap artist—along with their two cats Feathers and Potato. Nancy likes to write and to laugh.

The Carol Sing
Buying Socks

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Will Nuessle:

Will Nuessle holds a third-degree brown belt in ninjitsu; rides a Harley; primary caregives a five- and two-year-old (with the third due in April) and claims he can recite the alphabet backwards in less than ten seconds. He also writes occasionally.

Good To Be The King

a serialised tale

Second Tour
a second serialised tale

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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James Freeze:

James Freeze was born in the mid 1940s, but only started writng in 2012.
By early 2021, he had written over 180 stories with 71 having been published.

Professional Sales

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Ian Curtress:

I started with limericks when at school. These were popular (not with the Masters) but as they were thought entertaining by my peers I continued on an off for some years.
However, all that was to change dramatically. From an idyllic childhood I was thrown into the horrors of war. I am in my 95.year [Feb 2021]. Born and bred in a London we were in no hurry to leave, the result of which was bedtime was in an Anderson shelter with fingers crossed night after night.
In the fullness of time I was in the Services. (Royal Horse Guards)(Horses were Scout and Armoured cars in Recce unit).
Did not take up writing again until retirement with the exception of a request or a particular event in the Family. I was jolted back into consistent efforts following the loss of my Wife of 65 years, a few years ago. It became a panacea and saviour.
Now my two loves are the Environment and Humour. The former not being humorous.
I have also dabbled in “long” short stories.
I have been published occasionally in Cotswold Life and I had a book of poems published a few year ago,
Do They Really Know Me.

Being in my ninety fifth year I have experienced happiness, horror, grief and of course love.
Together with my late beloved Wife had the indescribable joy of a wonderful family.
Times were difficult in my early years, not that I knew that at the time but those years sowed the seeds of values. A time when people mattered more than possessions, emphasised by the war of course.
These values have once again been tested in 2020. The tragedy of history is that it takes experience of untold horror to impress upon us that which is of true worth.
The environment and the love of our families.
Hold on to these and we will survive.

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Kim Wedler:

Kim Wedler has been a teacher and globetrotter for over 20 years. Her passion for the Theatre has been a constant, both in her professional and private life. She has performed in over 60 plays and is a NODA award winning actor who, recently was also Barnet Drama Festival’s best Female Lead for two years running. 
Her experience on the Stage and behind the scenes has led to her writing a number of plays and monologues. Her work both epitomises - and gives a fresh twist to - the tradition of Great British Comedy.  
Her play “I love you Moore” is available from Silver Birchington plays. She is from North London. 

Show and Tell
My Khaki Parker
Wobbly Tooth
A Decent Man

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Neil Ferguson:

Neil Ferguson has been writing during lock-down and has produced short stories that nobody has read.
His last publication was several months ago. It was entitled 'When I was famous'.
It appeared in the online Memoirist Magazine. He hasn't tried humour writing before. Obviously?

How to be Welsh in Wales
My Best Moment Ever

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Jeffrey Wald:

Jeffrey Wald’s writing has previously appeared in publications such as Dappled Things, Shotgun Honey, Stinkwaves Magazine, and Philosophy Now.

Original Sin Thwarted: Thank You Siri for Saving the Human Race
Bill and the Beggar
Philosophy 101

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Barkley Davie:

Barkley Davie lives in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
In March 2021, he was the youngest contributor to the Short Humour Site at 11 years of age.

Jokes, Yolks, And Pranks

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Yuan Hongri:

Yuan Hongri (born 1962) is a renowned Chinese mystic, poet, and philosopher. His work has been published in the UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria; his poems have appeared in Poet's Espresso Review, Orbis, Tipton Poetry Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Acumen, Pinyon Review, Taj Mahal Review, Madswirl, Shot Glass Journal, Amethyst Review, The Poetry Village, and other e-zines, anthologies, and journals. His best known works are Platinum City and Golden Giant.
His works explore themes of prehistoric and future civilization.
Yuanbing Zhang (b. 1974), is Mr. Yuan Hongri's assistant and translator. He is a Chinese poet and translator He works in a Middle School inYanzhou District , Jining City, Shandong Province, China.
He can be contacted through his email -
Manu Mangattu is an English Professor, poet, editor, director and rank-holder. He has published 7 books, 73 research articles and 36 conference papers apart from 14 edited volumes with ISBN. He serves as chief editor/editor for various international journals. He has done UGC funded projects and a SWAYAM-MOOC course (Rs 15 lakhs). Besides translations from Chinese and Sanskrit, he writes poetry in English as well as in Indian languages. He was named "Comrade to Poetry China" in 2016. A visiting faculty at various universities and a quintessential bohemian-vagabond, he conducts poetry readings, workshops and lectures when inspired. After an apprenticeship in Shakespeare under Dr Stephen Greenblatt, he currently guides 23 research scholars and mentors NET English aspirants.

Golden Giant - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Platinum City - translated by Manu Mangattu
Gold Heaven - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Four Poems - translated by Manu Mangattu
Six Poems - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Golden Paradise - translated by Yuanbing Zhang

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Bhargavi Chatterjea Bhattacharyya:

Dr. Bhargavi Chatterjea Bhattacharyya, a 52 year old Indian woman, is a practicing psychiatrist in Kolkata. She was awarded the Morris Markowe Public Education Prize by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, England.
After journal and newspaper publications, she recently started experimenting with stories. Her diverse experience as a doctor in England and India provides the rich tapestry for her stories. They display a beautiful blend of emotions and reflections.

The Last Laugh
Wear a Mask

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Salini Vineeth:

Salini Vineeth is a Bengaluru-based fiction writer. She worked for ten years as an engineer before turning to full-time writing. She has self-published four books.
Her stories have appeared in Funny Pearls UK, Café Dissensus, Kitaab International, and The Bombay Review.
Author website:

A Stroke of Karma

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Sangeetha Vallat:

Sangeetha Vallat had a memorable career spanning 14 years in the Indian Railways after which she opted for voluntary retirement. She now stays at home surrounded by books and picked up writing recently.  She believes that life is a roller coaster ride and the adventures one encounters while soaring or plunging are worth sharing.
Books, friends, and conversations spice up her life.
Two of her short stories were published as a part of anthologies titled – 21 stories for ’21 and Everything changed after that.  

My Imperfect Look

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Mike Denny:

Mike has been educated far beyond his intelligence. He is a retired trauma nurse and has a BA in political science from the University of Nebraska/Omaha, a MA with honors in disaster management from American Military University and attended Loyola Law School in New Orleans. His master’s thesis, “Pandemic Influenza and the Navajo Nation”, has proven to be a dark prophesy. He was honored to have unique elements of his Moot Court appellate brief on 4th Amendment Search and Seizure law plagiarized by his law school classmates.
Mike worked in West Africa during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak. He is Bipolar and takes his meds. He lives in the American Southwest with his tolerant wife, a retired military officer.

Nakangiakok Vapors

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Albert Russo:

Albert Russo is an award-winning bilingual author (English and French) of about 35+ books of prose and poetry, and 60+ photobooks, published worldwide and translated into 13+ languages on the 6 continents. 
Here is his website:

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Bob Iozzia:

Bob Iozzia lives in Pennsylvania, USA with his current wife, “…a definite keeper…” and several pet peeves. He counts among his influences Monty Python, Kurt Vonnegut and George Carlin.
When not writing, he can be found not writing.
His Twitter handle is
@BobIozzia. He hopes everyone gets home safely.

If I Ever Become a Greek Orthodox Jew
Nostradamus Foretells Four Julie Andrews Films While Being Mistaken for Someone Else
Where’s Granny? — an Inappropriate Life Lesson for Kids
A Request to JK Rowling
Travels with Bob’s Your Uncle—Scotland
William Shakespeare’s 5th Grade Progress Report 

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Muhammad Aizaz Salahuddin:

Aizaz is currently completing his A-Levels from Aitchison College in Lahore, Pakistan. His works have been published mostly in online publications such as The Haven and Scarlet Leaf Review, as well as on his own publication 'The Blank Script' which is no less creditable.
When writing, Aizaz likes to over-complicate his stories in a way that a reader might have to read twice to grab thoroughly, and while it might not always be a good habit, it makes him feel like one of the great masters of mystery.

A Kafka Batman

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