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Michael A. Skrien:

I am a lifelong attorney specializing in criminal defense of indigents. I have a wife, three children, two ex-wives, and several debt collectors who depend upon me. My hobbies are travel, guitar, outdoors, and writing. I ran a marathon once and learned 26.2 miles is a long way on foot.
As an ex-bartender at the Ritz-Calton, and ex substitute teacher, and lawyer, I have been exposed to an extraordinary amount of mankind's follies.
I hope I can relay some of that humour in an acceptable manner for your enjoyment.  

Jake and Fez at the Pharmacy
Jake and Fez at the Casino
Jake and Fez Go Bowling
Jake and Fez Go Snorkeling
Grand Ma-Ma
Chef Larry

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Charles R. Bucklin:

After many years of "hard livin" - Charles R. Bucklin decided it was time to write some stuff down. 
He is an Author, Humorist, Horror & Thriller enthusiast, and creator of the ongoing short story blog
Charles lives in Sonoma County, California with his beautiful wife, Laura, and two lovable dogs named Roxi and Camille.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
The Old Man Comes Through

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Peter L Oughton:

I am a Chartered Surveyor, living in Cambridgeshire with my wife and mini dachshund. In part of what passes for my spare time, I record audio books for a national charity for the visually impaired so, whilst I do have a love-affair with words, they are always someone else’s!

My Son
Be Careful What You Ask For!
That Demon, Work

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Chandrika R Krishnan:

Chandrika R Krishnan, a Bengaluru-based writer and educationist likes all things beginning with a ‘T’ - talking, teaching, tales and tea. 
Her two hundred odd published articles, poems and stories are as eclectic as her reading and are mostly experiential. She believes that most people have solutions for other people’s problems so she writes for a wider audience.  Besides writing, she likes to read. She often poses questions by way of quizzes for which she has no answers!  
Social media handle:

Baking a cake with a toddler

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Nancy Bowker:

Nancy Bowker lives in Palo Alto, California, USA, with her grown-up triplets—a college student, a barista, and a rap artist—along with their two cats Feathers and Potato. Nancy likes to write and to laugh.

The Carol Sing
Buying Socks

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Will Nuessle:

Will Nuessle holds a third-degree brown belt in ninjitsu; rides a Harley; primary caregives a five- and two-year-old (with the third due in April) and claims he can recite the alphabet backwards in less than ten seconds. He also writes occasionally.

Good To Be The King

a serialised tale

Second Tour
a second serialised tale

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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James Freeze:

James Freeze was born in the mid 1940s, but only started writng in 2012.
By early 2021, he had written over 180 stories with 71 having been published.

Professional Sales

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Ian Curtress:

I started with limericks when at school. These were popular (not with the Masters) but as they were thought entertaining by my peers I continued on an off for some years.
However, all that was to change dramatically. From an idyllic childhood I was thrown into the horrors of war. I am in my 95.year [Feb 2021]. Born and bred in a London we were in no hurry to leave, the result of which was bedtime was in an Anderson shelter with fingers crossed night after night.
In the fullness of time I was in the Services. (Royal Horse Guards)(Horses were Scout and Armoured cars in Recce unit).
Did not take up writing again until retirement with the exception of a request or a particular event in the Family. I was jolted back into consistent efforts following the loss of my Wife of 65 years, a few years ago. It became a panacea and saviour.
Now my two loves are the Environment and Humour. The former not being humorous.
I have also dabbled in “long” short stories.
I have been published occasionally in Cotswold Life and I had a book of poems published a few year ago,
Do They Really Know Me.

Being in my ninety fifth year I have experienced happiness, horror, grief and of course love.
Together with my late beloved Wife had the indescribable joy of a wonderful family.
Times were difficult in my early years, not that I knew that at the time but those years sowed the seeds of values. A time when people mattered more than possessions, emphasised by the war of course.
These values have once again been tested in 2020. The tragedy of history is that it takes experience of untold horror to impress upon us that which is of true worth.
The environment and the love of our families.
Hold on to these and we will survive.

Ian's further reflections on his life (written in September 2023) can be read here.

The Good Old Days
Taking The Piscatorial
Course Golf 
Ode to Katie
Sunset Thoughts
Copper Bottomed
Misplaced Sympathy
The Battle of Ageing Court
Never Kissed
Sands Of Time
The Checkup
Does He Take Sugar?
So Many
The Figure

Two Bites
Many a True Word.....!
No More Opaque
Old Habits
The Sailor
Bound Over
Ball Of Fire
A Gripping Tale
Checkup TOO
Draw Breath
Fateful Foursome
Buried in a Book
A Summers Day

A Special Friend
Pussy Nomore
In Our Hands
Ballad of Syros
The Dining Table
Reply to Nurse Clare
The Lucky Man
Upon Reflection
Never Say Never
The Peaceful Walk
Prince for a Day
Will Forever Be
Cotswold Gems
Rock of Ages
A Sandy Mound
Leading Question
Past Caring
Shopping Around
Wasting Away
The Grudge
The Final Scene
The Kottage with a Kay
No Blue Skies
97 Years of Age
Home and Colonial
Four Weeks
Big Bang Theory
Hope Cove
The Branch
Another Town
The Lady of the Wold
Featured Event
Troop Movements
Are We There
Fifth Amendment
Fatal Assumptions
Food For Thought
Miss Understandings
Shipmates - Part 2
Dog Tired
For Jessica
Lucid thoughts of an Nonagenarian
The Box
A Summers Afternoon
A Poem for Insomniacs
Two Plus One
His Little Treasure

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Kim Wedler:

Kim Wedler has been a teacher and globetrotter for over 20 years. Her passion for the Theatre has been a constant, both in her professional and private life. She has performed in over 60 plays and is a NODA award winning actor who, recently was also Barnet Drama Festival’s best Female Lead for two years running. 
Her experience on the Stage and behind the scenes has led to her writing a number of plays and monologues. Her work both epitomises - and gives a fresh twist to - the tradition of Great British Comedy.  
Her play “I love you Moore” is available from Silver Birchington plays. She is from North London. 

Show and Tell
My Khaki Parker
Wobbly Tooth
A Decent Man

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Neil Ferguson:

Neil Ferguson has been writing during lock-down and has produced short stories that nobody has read.
His last publication was several months ago. It was entitled 'When I was famous'.
It appeared in the online Memoirist Magazine. He hasn't tried humour writing before. Obviously?

How to be Welsh in Wales
My Best Moment Ever

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Jeffrey Wald:

Jeffrey Wald’s writing has previously appeared in publications such as Dappled Things, Shotgun Honey, Stinkwaves Magazine, and Philosophy Now.

Original Sin Thwarted: Thank You Siri for Saving the Human Race
Bill and the Beggar
Philosophy 101

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Barkley Davie:

Barkley Davie lives in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
In March 2021, he was the youngest contributor to the Short Humour Site at 11 years of age.

Jokes, Yolks, And Pranks

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Yuan Hongri:

Yuan Hongri (born 1962) is a renowned Chinese mystic, poet, and philosopher. His work has been published in the UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria; his poems have appeared in Poet's Espresso Review, Orbis, Tipton Poetry Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Acumen, Pinyon Review, Taj Mahal Review, Madswirl, Shot Glass Journal, Amethyst Review, The Poetry Village, and other e-zines, anthologies, and journals. His best known works are Platinum City and Golden Giant.
His works explore themes of prehistoric and future civilization.
Yuanbing Zhang (b. 1974), is Mr. Yuan Hongri's assistant and translator. He is a Chinese poet and translator He works in a Middle School inYanzhou District , Jining City, Shandong Province, China.
He can be contacted through his email -
Manu Mangattu is an English Professor, poet, editor, director and rank-holder. He has published 7 books, 73 research articles and 36 conference papers apart from 14 edited volumes with ISBN. He serves as chief editor/editor for various international journals. He has done UGC funded projects and a SWAYAM-MOOC course (Rs 15 lakhs). Besides translations from Chinese and Sanskrit, he writes poetry in English as well as in Indian languages. He was named "Comrade to Poetry China" in 2016. A visiting faculty at various universities and a quintessential bohemian-vagabond, he conducts poetry readings, workshops and lectures when inspired. After an apprenticeship in Shakespeare under Dr Stephen Greenblatt, he currently guides 23 research scholars and mentors NET English aspirants.
Wit Lee, whose Chinese name is Li Hui, and pen name is Muzihuixin is a female poet born in Jining, Shandong province, and who now lives at the foot of Mountain Taishan. She is an editor of Taishan University Journal and a member of Taian Writer’s Association and Taian Poets’ Association. She has published many poems and one poetry book: Beyond Time.

Golden Giant - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Platinum City - translated by Manu Mangattu
Gold Heaven - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Four Poems - translated by Manu Mangattu
Six Poems - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Golden Paradise - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Four Poems (2) - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Four Poems (3) - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Three Poems - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Five Poems - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Five Poems (2) - translated by Yuanbing Zhang
Transparent Men and Women - translated by Wit Lee
Five Poems (3) - translated by Yuanbing Zhang

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Bhargavi Chatterjea Bhattacharyya:

Dr. Bhargavi Chatterjea Bhattacharyya, a 52 year old Indian woman, is a practicing psychiatrist in Kolkata. She was awarded the Morris Markowe Public Education Prize by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, England.
After journal and newspaper publications, she recently started experimenting with stories. Her diverse experience as a doctor in England and India provides the rich tapestry for her stories. They display a beautiful blend of emotions and reflections.

The Last Laugh
Wear a Mask

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Salini Vineeth:

Salini Vineeth is a Bengaluru-based fiction writer. She worked for ten years as an engineer before turning to full-time writing. She has self-published four books.
Her stories have appeared in Funny Pearls UK, Caf Dissensus, Kitaab International, and The Bombay Review.
Author website:

A Stroke of Karma

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Sangeetha Vallat:

Sangeetha Vallat had a memorable career spanning 14 years in the Indian Railways after which she opted for voluntary retirement. She now stays at home surrounded by books and picked up writing recently.  She believes that life is a roller coaster ride and the adventures one encounters while soaring or plunging are worth sharing.
Books, friends, and conversations spice up her life.
Two of her short stories were published as a part of anthologies titled – 21 stories for ’21 and Everything changed after that.  

My Imperfect Look

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Mike Denny:

Mike has been educated far beyond his intelligence. He is a retired trauma nurse and has a BA in political science from the University of Nebraska/Omaha, a MA with honors in disaster management from American Military University and attended Loyola Law School in New Orleans. His master’s thesis, “Pandemic Influenza and the Navajo Nation”, has proven to be a dark prophesy. He was honored to have unique elements of his Moot Court appellate brief on 4th Amendment Search and Seizure law plagiarized by his law school classmates.
Mike worked in West Africa during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak. He is Bipolar and takes his meds. He lives in the American Southwest with his tolerant wife, a retired military officer.

Nakangiakok Vapors

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Albert Russo:

Albert Russo is an award-winning bilingual author (English and French) of about 35+ books of prose and poetry, and 60+ photobooks, published worldwide and translated into 13+ languages on the 6 continents. 
Here is his website:

Zapinette goes to New York
On The Subway
Settling Down in New York
The Soho Loft
Freezing Indoors
On Top of the Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
Tofers, Goofers

Zapinette in Gay Paree
I Have A Sister
At The Paris Gay Pride 1
At The Paris Gay Pride 2
At The Paris Gay Pride 3
At The Paris Gay Pride 4

Zulu Zapy wins the Rainbow Nation
Our South African Boer Cousins 1
Our South African Boer Cousins 2
Our South African Boer Cousins 3
Our South African Boer Cousins 4
Cousin Tuk in Durban 1
Cousin Tuk in Durban 2
Cousin Tuk in Durban 3
Cousin Tuk in Durban 4
Cousin Tuk in Durban 5
Cousin Tuk in Durban 6
Cousin Tuk in Durban 7
Cousin Tuk in Durban 8

The Ripov Series
Mr. Father & Ripov
Apples & Ripov/1
Apples & Ripov/2
Dog Talk & Ripov/1
Dog Talk & Ripov/2
Fran ois De Ripove
Roots & Ripov/1
Roots & Ripov/2
Wigs & Ripov
Letters & Ripov
The Ayatollah & Ripov
Buggylove & Ripov
Efficiency & Ripov
Goodness Gracious, Ripov
Silikits & Ripov
Chips & Ripov
Semantics & Ripov
Symbols & Ripov
Kritix & Ripov

Corona Zapinette
Corona ... Morona
Doctor Grimm
Speaking in Babelese
Stranded in Corona Tel Aviv
Airbag Lodging
South Tel Aviv
First Cowvid Shot
Beach Stuff
Two New Friends
Gay Tel Aviv

Figure This Out:

Sleeping Gods
Shanty and Mahmood
Going to a Nightclub
Stunned and Stoned
Ah, to Live in Sin!
Terrorist becomes Journalist
The Fate of Gods
Shrinking … shrunk!
Immanuel aka Mani
Zapinette's Bible Odyssey
Eve and Adam
So Sayeth I
Lilith Comes and Goes
Abel and Cain
Cain’s Punishment
Goddess and her Follies
Cain Settles Down
My Favorite Actors
The Great Destruc-stress
Noah’s Zoo
The Rabble-rousing Tower
When Sweet Talk Sours
Job, Goddess' Favorite
Thanking Goddess
Trekking to the Promised Land
The Clownish Clan
The Stink of Jealousy
Chosen for What?
Isaac Replaced by a Sheep
Bless Isaac’s Heart
Joey the Diviner
Joey and Pharaoh Potty
Joey and his Treacherous Brothers
Back to Egypt with Benji
Famiy Reunion
After Joey, After Eight
Mo as a Shepherd
Mo as an Ostrich
The Booming Voice of Goddess
Back to Egyptland
The Seven Plagues
Hellish Egypt
No Drowning
Man o’ Manna!
Thou shalt not …shucks
More of ‘Thy shalt not’
Matha, Fathafaka
The Golden Calf
Dos and Don’ts
Melting The Royal Pot
Laying The Red Carpet
Deborah The Prophetess
The Last Push
A Felinist Bible
Cut The Baby In Two
The Wise King
Kings, Presidents and Stuff
King Solomon and Queen Sheba
Nabo the Nerd
King Xerxes
Queen Esther
Queen Esther - continued
Queen Esther - wins
Holo’s Head Falls

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Bob Iozzia:

Bob Iozzia lives in Pennsylvania, USA with his current wife, “…a definite keeper…” and several pet peeves. He counts among his influences Monty Python, Kurt Vonnegut and George Carlin.
When not writing, he can be found not writing.
His Twitter handle is
@BobIozzia. He hopes everyone gets home safely.

If I Ever Become a Greek Orthodox Jew
Nostradamus Foretells Four Julie Andrews Films While Being Mistaken for Someone Else
Where’s Granny? — an Inappropriate Life Lesson for Kids
A Request to JK Rowling
Travels with Bob’s Your Uncle—Scotland
William Shakespeare’s 5th Grade Progress Report
The Saga of Guffaw the Lighthearted—An Abbreviated History of Standup Comedy
Endings to Stories (Beginnings and Middles Have Been Omitted So as to Not Waste Your Time with the Small Stuff) Vol. 1
How to Win at Poker—Another Inappropriate Life Lesson for Kids
Living Letters to Dead People—Vlad the Impaler
Yukapalooza DragonFest
An Open Letter to Mystic, Connecticut
Air Karma Sneakers
Hello, America, It's Me, God

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Susan Cornford:

Susan Cornford is a retired public servant, living in Perth, Western Australia. She has had pieces published or forthcoming in Across the Margin, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Antipodean Science Fiction, borrowed solace, Cafe Lit, Crow’s Feet Journal, Ethel Zine, Flora Fiction Website, Frost Zone Zine, Granfalloon Magazine, Meet Cute Press,  Mono, Mystery Tribune, The Mythic Circle, Quail Bell Magazine, Thriller Magazine, Worthing Flash and others.

The More Things Change

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Sue Granzella:

Sue Granzella’s writing has been recognized as Notable in Best American Essays. She has won the Naomi Rodden Essay Award and a Memoirs Ink contest, and was runner-up for the Bechtel Prize with Teachers and Writers Magazine. 
She judges the Humor category of the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition.
Her writing has appeared in McSweeney's, Masters Review, Teachers and Writers, Full Grown People, GravelAscent, and many other journals.
She recently completed a collection of essays about teaching, and is searching for a publisher.
Contact her at:

Plant Life

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Zvi A. Sesling:

Zvi A. Sesling, Brookline, MA Poet Laureate (2017-2020), has published numerous poems and flash fiction. He edits Muddy River Poetry Review. His work has won international prizes and nominated for local and national awards. He is a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee. He has published four volumes of poetry, King of the Jungle, Fire Tongue, The Lynching of Leo Frank and War Zones and three poetry chapbooks, Simple Game, Baseball Poems; Love Poems From Hell and Across Stones of Bad Dreams. His flash fiction book is Secret Behind The Gate (Cervena Barva Press).  He lives in Brookline, MA. with his wife.

Fish Story
Angel Hair
She Really Remembered Me
Lester Bildorp Becomes An Orphan
A Dime’s Worth
Hearing Aids
Herbert Never Told
Do Not Flush Paper Towels Or Foreign Objects

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Arva Bhavnagarwala:

Arva Bhavnagarwala is a pediatrician by day, a writer by night, and a struggling mother to two boys 24x7. Her short stories have found their place in various Indian anthologies. When not busy with pediatrics and writing, she loves to travel. She is also a voracious reader and can devour books-food and water forgotten. She prefers chai over coffee and hates liars and latecomers.

Artificial Love

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Bill Tope:

Bill Tope is a retired public assistance caseworker living in Illinois with his mean little cat, Baby. He is also a former cook, construction worker, nude model, you name it.    

Another Cup of Coffee
Browne Jackson for SCOTUS
Five Poems
Two Poems
The Awful Truth
Perfect in the End
A Dip into the Big Easy
A Matter of Character
The Vegan Demon
Mating Ritual
A Funny Thing

A Misconception
A Traffic Incident
Happly Anniversary
Ronnie and the Tortoise
Through the Mirror
I Smell a Skunk!
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
A Vignette on the Culinary Vicissitudes of a Spoiled Cat
Age of Consent
The Sexual Sophisticate
Bar Bet
I Never Meant
It Only Goes to Show
The Cover of a Book
Acid Rain
First Date
The Mouse Vote
Next Time it'll be Easier
A New Suit
Coming Out, Circa 1973
No Shit!
Picking Up Grandma at the Train
I Need's My Pleurisy
A Funny Thing
Is this Heaven?
The Ideal Poem
Just Leaving on a Bus
Peanut Butter Kiss
Play to Your Strengths
To Dodge a Bullet
A Modest Proposal
A Paean to Stewed Tomatoes
Bucket List
Instinct for the Wild Life
Love Isn't Silly
Mom, You're Prettier than Lucy

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Doug Dawson:

Doug Dawson hails from Brooklyn, New York, wrote extensively for the US Defense Dept. and as a freelancer had some 40 articles and fiction published by car magazines (“Vette Vues,” “Corvette Enthusiast,” “Corvette” magazine).
He holds degrees in music and computer science, studied fiction writing at Johns Hopkins University and has had his short stories accepted for publication by Academy of the Heart & Mind, Ariel Chart, Aphelion Webzine, Literary Yard, Scars Publications in the U.K. (3 stories), Scarlet Review, HellBound Books, LLC (story “The Poetess” appears in “The Devil’s Doorbell 2” anthology), Goats Milk and others and poetry accepted by Page & Spine.

The Closet
Three Mother Goose Poems
Hedge Your Bets
Battle Royal
The Clearing House
Eau de Commode
Drop the Chalupa!
Greeting Card Poems
Two Poems
Burger du Jour

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David Mascellani:

David Mascellani is a writer and poet who lives in Sydney Australia. He has a BA in Semiotics from the University of Sydney. He’s published poetry and stories in Sound and Silence, Verse Libre, Word Riot, Meeting of The Minds, Divine Pleasures, Oz-Wide Tales, Pounding Tales, and Down in the Dirt.

His Blog; Laugh,Cry,Think, is at:


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Glen Bresciani:

Glenn Bresciani is an Australian who works in community aged care. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are his favourite genres to read and write about. Yet, whenever he tries to write fantasy, Glenn mostly ends up writing ‘Slice of Life’ fiction instead.
Glenn’s stories have appeared in World if Myths, Literary Yard and Sci-Fi Lampoon magazine.
He also has a short story appear in the Valor anthology by Dragon Soul Press.

Link to Facebook page:

Dan Does it Best
Anatomy of a Tranquilizer

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Joanne Jones:

Joanne Jones is a photographer and ran a Portrait Studio with her husband, where she designed many costumes for special assignments.
Joanne is an award-winning tapestry weaver and basket maker. She now lives in Gig Harbor, WA with her cat.

Love in the Rain

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Cindy Cockrell:

Cindy Cockrell is a Seattle area resident, originally from Michigan.
She is a retired Psychiatric Social Worker, mother of two, world traveler, adventurer and lover of life.

A Fish Tale

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Danielle Burris:

Danielle is a new author delving into the world of flash fiction and short stories. 
She graduated from Hawthorn University in 2016 with a nutrition degree.
In her spare time she studies herbs and writes plant monographs.

Danielle and her husband Mike run a yacht brokerage in Gig Harbor, WA.
They enjoy being out on the water and spending time with their sons Steve and Aaron, along with their 2 grandchildren.

Peas & Carrots

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Eric Green:

Eric is free-lance writer whose articles have been published in various U.S. newspapers and on-line humour sites.

The World's Not Gone Completely Bananas

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Ray Fuller:

Ray Fuller lives in France and Ireland and occasionally makes furniture and writes verse.

CON iS of U and ME
Chariots of Ire
Group Mensality
When I Consider...
Beside Our Bed
The Green Eye of the Emerald Isle?
Deaf – or Dumb?

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Simon Keating:

Simon lives in London with his wife and 10-year-old son.
Now looking for an escape from corporate life, friends have regularly told him he’s the funniest person they know (all weirdos).
Writing short quips gives him an excuse to lie low and out of their way.

A Visit to the Grange

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Bill DeArmond:

Dr. Bill DeArmond is Professor of Mass Communications and Film at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas.

Lessons from the Teacher
Izzy and Ike in a Nursing Home

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Ron Rogers:

Ron Rogers is a new author. He has lived in Japan and is interested in the culture.


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Alice Chackoletti:

Alice Chackoletti is an Indian American who was born and raised in Kerala, India until she was a teenager. After moving to America and learning English, she completed Engineering studies and worked for a large aerospace company, in many different roles and projects. She did a lot of technical writing and after retiring early from her profession, she currently spends a lot of time with several hobbies including writing her memoirs, as well as traveling.

A Visit to the Taj Mahal
Diamond Amongst Junk

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Don Drewniak:

Don Drewniak is a U.S. Army veteran and retired math/science teacher. He has published five books and 124 stories/articles.

Hey, You Wanna Ride?
A Warm Summer Night in the Good Old Days
The Prince of Polka – The Pre-Prom Dinner Dance
The Prince of Polka – Prom Night
Free Lemon with $15.00 Purchase
The Grim Reaper and the Senator
School Days, School Days. Dear Old Golden Rule Days
The Wood, Sheila, the Beer and the Test
“My god, she used to be so thin...”
Pilfering Peter and the TKO
The Loser, the Flapper and Rugila, King of the Huns – Part One
The Loser, the Flapper and Rugila, King of the Huns – Part Two
A Goddess Slips Away
BB Gun - A Weapon of Mass Destruction
The Mechanic and the Babe
And the Blackboard Came Tumbling Down
Lenny and the Pine Tree
Ernie's Obsession
Lenny's Dead? Lenny's Dead?
The Hernia, the Nurse and Shrinkage
Sitting on the Throne Was Miss Cotter
Here a Laugh, There a Laugh
Morticia and Two Aliens

Deathtrap Stagecoach – A Journey Back to the 1950s
I'm Going to Turn the Three of You into Pretzels
Who Says You Can't Go Back?
Andrew to the Rescue
You are Fortunate not to be Running in Heaven
Beer and Whiskey Money for Father Grabnickels
Up, Up and Away
It Should Have Been a Great Day
The Priest, the Wine and the Cousin
Down and Out
Dung, Frogmen, a Future President and Hemorrhoids
The Fortune Teller and the Kid
The Lone Ranger: A Thug? Say It Ain't So!
Captain Full-of-Himself
First Date: Spiders and Terror
The Irresistible Hole in the Wall
It Was So Bad That It Was Great
Miss Are-You-Really-Sure-You-Want-That-Book
The Ol' Perfesser
Looking for God While Naked and Standing in a Foot of Snow
The Flying Saucer Craze of the Fabulous Fifties
Don't Laugh, Sweetie

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Doug Jacquier:

Doug Jacquier writes from the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. 
His poems and stories have been published in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and India.
He blogs at 
Six Crooked Highways.

Fair Dealing
Lab Yrinth
Tempted By Titivillus

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Stuart Johnson:

Stuart Johnson lives on the South Coast of England and likes to dabble with humorous writing as an antidote to his dull working life.
His proud but only claim to fame is to have had ten poems and short stories included in an anthology that was featured at the 2008 Edinburgh Book Festival.

Mr and Mrs Nnngff and the Time Travelling Confession Box

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Catherine Scalisi:

Catherine Scalisi lives in Port Orchard, Washington, across the Puget Sound from Seattle, with her husband and son.
She is a stay-at-home mom and new to the world of publishing.
She looks forward to sharing her short stories in many publications. 

Bus Ride

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Teresa Gauthier:

Teresa Gauthier is newly retired from nursing and is pursuing her writing dream.
She is originally from Canada and now lives in the beautiful state of Washington

Swiping for Love
The Concert
Beach Walk
The Earring

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Christine Dorothy:

Christine Dorothy is an author living in Costa Rica with her husband and two cats.
Provence France and Ottawa Canada are  two other places she calls home.
She had three boys, two of whom passed on at ages 23 and 35.  Brandon, her youngest, visits often in Costa Rica.  
Christine continues to write and works on freedom-for- all projects.

The Zipper
Baby and the Boa

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George Beckerman:

George Beckerman writes fiction. Ergo, George Beckerman is a liar. His lies have been published by The Punch Magazine, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Johnny America, Down In The Dirt Magazine, Little Old Lady Comedy, Potato Soup Journal, Robot Butt Magazine and R U Joking Magazine, Bookends Review, the Evening Street Press and Fabula Argentea.             

Pros And Cons Of Replacing Congress With AI
Pros And Cons Of Being Cryogenically Frozen For Ten Years
And The Meaning Of Life Is…?
Pros and Cons Of Working At Home On Zoom Instead Of Going To The Office
Ripening Faster Than A Week-old Avocado
Anonymouse And The Keyboard Kowards
The First Podkaaak
The Pros And Cons Of AI Writing TV And Movie Scripts
Mo And Sal: The Reel Story

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Carolyn Hassall:

Carolyn Hassall is originally from the UK and has lived for the last 26 years on the West Coast of America in the greater Seattle area. 
She has spent much of her career developing corporate strategy and writing business communications at several Fortune 500 companies. 
Carolyn has recently stepped away from the business arena and is now concentrating on creative writing including short stories and novels.

Oh, Baxter

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Ping Yi:

Ping Yi works in public service, and writes fiction, travelogues and poetry.
His work has appeared in The Short Humour Site, Defenestration Magazine, London GripMeniscus and Litro, La Piccioletta Barca and Dreich.
Ping Yi is from Singapore, and has also lived in Cambridge, UK, and Boston. 

School Health
Honest Job Interview
The Sandman Goeth

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Maury Levine:

Maury is the author of Shopping Bagged and Oliver's AI Generated Silly Picture Book, a contributor to comedy websites including The Broadway Beat, End of the Bench, The Spoof, Glossy News, Points in Case, Robot Butt, and Little Old Lady Comedy.
He had a riff used in an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
Maury is also a drummer and lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his excellent family.

FW: Bad Memo From Management
Taylor Swift Changes All of Karma's Lyrics For Travis Kelce
Four of Wimbledon's Courts Converting to Pickleball Courts

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Robert Slentz-Kesler:

Robert Slentz-Kesler is a former public-school teacher and librarian whose fiction has appeared in Litro Magazine, the Blotter, the Font, and the Rappahannock Review.
He lives and writes in Durham, North Carolina, US.
See more of his work at

Repeating Mistakes

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Duane Bishop:

My name is Duane Bishop. I have had many incredible life-changing events in my life. In 1994 when I was 43 I had a massive stroke and had to learn to walk and talk all over again. 
After my stroke, I began writing simple poetry because it was difficult to say what my thoughts were so poetry was my outlet.   
I have recovered and am now putting in some of the ideas I have in my head into writing short stories. 
My wife Que and I live in Gig Harbor Wa and have been married for 51 years, we have 3 exceptional adult children and 6 awesome grandchildren. 

Day of Suspicions

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Zo Mahfouz:

A writer who is convinced she looks half her age because she drinks Collagen Smoothies everyday.
Also has a weird obsession with cows, especially baby cows that she worships. 99,9% certain that Life is a giant simulation and that God is making fun of her since she is his favorite sitcom character.

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