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Laara C Oakes:

Laara C Oakes writes children’s books, poetry, serious articles, and silly little stories. She has a picture book, The Sunflower Squirrel, set for publication in summer 2018.
Her writing has previously been published in Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine and The Pangolin Review.

Connect with Laara at:

Lights Out!

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Rod Bartchy:

Rod Bartchy followed the family tradition and accumulated two engineering degrees by his mid twenties before coming to his senses. After 20 years in hazardous waste disposal, Rod tried to manage other people’s money but found it equally toxic. He then survived 5 years with the IRS, but recovered most of his sanity in a Tibetan ashram.
Rod has written two novels, Enigma and Dol Guldor, and one novella, Key West Story.  All have been withheld from publication, two to spare the reader any permanent trauma, and Dol Guldor, after the nice lawyers from the Tolkien estate came for a little chat.
Rod is now ready to reveal the shocking inside stories of America’s largest collection agency, at least until he’s audited.  Rod’s essays have been published in the Chestnut Hill Local and True Humor
Rod lives in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia with his daughter, her boyfriend, two turtles and cat. When not writing humor, he tutors kindergarten, suffers from inept golfer syndrome, and plays way too much Scrabble.

Married Filing Joint
Telemarketing Tunes
IRS Beset by Bed Bugs!
Beloved Wolverine
Dogs: The Poop and the Passion
The Tyranny of the Queen – The Cutlery Caper
You’re Fired!

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Jon Sindell:

Jon Sindell wrote the story collections The Roadkill Collection and Family Happiness.
His humor has appeared in The Big Jewel, Points In Case, Thrice Quarterly, Feathertale, riverbabble, Hobart, and The Higgs-Weldon, and before captive audiences in petting zoos everywhere.
Much of his writing hides in plain sight at

If—Doggerel By Junkyard Kipling
A Remembrance of Tom by his Longtime Companion, an English Bulldog named Wally
The Craven
Joe's Funeral, Starring Me, Joe's Cat!
Classic-Rock-Lyric Outtakes

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Dave Ludford:

Dave Ludford is a writer of dark and weird fiction from Nuneaton, England. His short stories have appeared at a variety of locations worldwide, and his first collection, A Place Of Skulls and Other Tales, is available from Parallel Universe Publications or via Amazon.

Warning: Mrs Abercrombie May Be Armed and Dangerous

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Michael Fryd:

After an award winning scientific career Michael Fryd returned to the passion of my youth; writing.
He has had short stories published in Easy Street, Intrinsick, and Literary Yard.
His memoir, My Mother’s War, was a semifinalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom competition for creative non-fiction.
He has also  just finished editing his first novel, It’s not Easy Being Green.


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Jerry Robbins:

I am a graduate of Gettysburg College, Yale University Divinity School, and the Hartford Seminary Foundation, where I earned a Ph.D. I served in campus ministry for over three decades. I am the editor of The Essential Luther (Baker) and the author of Carevision (Judson) and Provocables (C.S.S.). I have published several articles and over 100 book reviews.  I received the Joseph Sittler Award for Writing.  Since retiring to Florida in 2001, I have turned my attention to novelty writing projects. Recently, I was published in MilitaryRapid RiverHumor Times , and Senior Outlook Today.

All the President's Words

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