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Laara C Oakes:

Laara C Oakes writes children’s books, poetry, serious articles, and silly little stories. She has a picture book, The Sunflower Squirrel, set for publication in summer 2018.
Her writing has previously been published in Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine and The Pangolin Review.

Connect with Laara at:

Lights Out!

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Rod Bartchy:

Rod Bartchy followed the family tradition and accumulated two engineering degrees by his mid twenties before coming to his senses. After 20 years in hazardous waste disposal, Rod tried to manage other people’s money but found it equally toxic. He then survived 5 years with the IRS, but recovered most of his sanity in a Tibetan ashram.
Rod has written two novels, Enigma and Dol Guldor, and one novella, Key West Story.  All have been withheld from publication, two to spare the reader any permanent trauma, and Dol Guldor, after the nice lawyers from the Tolkien estate came for a little chat.
Rod is now ready to reveal the shocking inside stories of America’s largest collection agency, at least until he’s audited.  Rod’s essays have been published in the Chestnut Hill Local and True Humor
Rod lives in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia with his daughter, her boyfriend, two turtles and cat. When not writing humor, he tutors kindergarten, suffers from inept golfer syndrome, and plays way too much Scrabble.

Married Filing Joint
Telemarketing Tunes
IRS Beset by Bed Bugs!
Beloved Wolverine
Dogs: The Poop and the Passion
The Tyranny of the Queen – The Cutlery Caper
You’re Fired!

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Jon Sindell:

Jon Sindell wrote the story collections The Roadkill Collection and Family Happiness.
His humor has appeared in The Big Jewel, Points In Case, Thrice Quarterly, Feathertale, riverbabble, Hobart, and The Higgs-Weldon, and before captive audiences in petting zoos everywhere.
Much of his writing hides in plain sight at

If—Doggerel By Junkyard Kipling
A Remembrance of Tom by his Longtime Companion, an English Bulldog named Wally
The Craven
Joe's Funeral, Starring Me, Joe's Cat!
Classic-Rock-Lyric Outtakes
A Historical Round Table On Civility
The New Weekly Studies Studies This Week's New Studies

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Dave Ludford:

Dave Ludford is a writer of dark and weird fiction from Nuneaton, England. His short stories have appeared at a variety of locations worldwide, and his first collection, A Place Of Skulls and Other Tales, is available from Parallel Universe Publications or via Amazon.

Warning: Mrs Abercrombie May Be Armed and Dangerous

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Michael Fryd:

After an award winning scientific career Michael Fryd returned to the passion of my youth; writing.
He has had short stories published in Easy Street, Intrinsick, and Literary Yard.
His memoir, My Mother’s War, was a semifinalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom competition for creative non-fiction.
He has also  just finished editing his first novel, It’s not Easy Being Green.


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Jerry Robbins:

I am a graduate of Gettysburg College, Yale University Divinity School, and the Hartford Seminary Foundation, where I earned a Ph.D. I served in campus ministry for over three decades. I am the editor of The Essential Luther (Baker) and the author of Carevision (Judson) and Provocables (C.S.S.). I have published several articles and over 100 book reviews.  I received the Joseph Sittler Award for Writing.  Since retiring to Florida in 2001, I have turned my attention to novelty writing projects. Recently, I was published in MilitaryRapid RiverHumor Times , and Senior Outlook Today.

All the President's Words
The Trials of Noah
Composing and Decomposing
Who is Happy?
Shop Knives
When Aphorisms Go Bad
One Buttress Short (Rh)
The Dog and Cat
A History Lesson
Nobody Listens to You
The Invasion of The Brain Snatchers

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Kieran Judge:

Kieran Judge is a student of MA Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University. He writes articles for, The Film Magazine, and reviews fiction and film for Horror Reviews by The Collective.

Made On Mars
Sir Gorleth and the Torch Lighter

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Zsolt Stanik:

Zsolt Stanik was born in Kosice, Slovak Republic. He is a nuclear engineer graduated from the Czech Technical University, Prague. Before his retirement he held  the position of information  manager at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria.
Inspired by the everyday life of people, his stories and books spring from this revelation and deal with absurd situations and common human challenges. His publication details, etc. can be viewed at
At present he lives in Alhaurin el Grande, Spain.

Rabbit in Paris

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Jeffrey Ross:

Jeffrey Ross is an Op-Ed writer, rockabilly musician, and former full-time community college teacher who lives in Gilbert,  Arizona, USA. He has had four "Views" pieces published on since 2007, has authored and co-authored several op-ed articles on community college identity, purpose, and culture, and has had several pieces published on the Cronk News higher education satire website.

Five of his books have been published by Rogue Phoenix Press (Salem Oregon USA):
College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair (2011) (Higher ed satire)
Love in the RV Park (2013) (Romance parody)
Silent Sonora (2015) (Life history set in 1920’s Scottsdale Arizona)
The Auroran: Cold Front Redemption (2016) (A mature love story)
1040 Taxes Could be Replaced by One-Cent Fees (2018) (A researched policy proposal)

The Professor and the DNA
An Unsuccessful Faculty Protest for Better Pay

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Judy Cabito:

Judy Cabito reads and writes from Lake Tahoe in the state of Nevada, USA. She has been published. She also has a weird sense of humor. 


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Franck Vanhee:

Franck Vanhee was born in 1963. He is Flemish and, as of 1st October 2018, he started work as a copywriter.
He has had flash fiction published on and
Franck says that, as a non-native-English speaker, he likes to discover and to dissect (of vivisect, if you wish) words that seem evident to English speaking persons.
He says that's it's his way of writing Flenglish (English from a Flemish angle). He hopes his style should enrich English with an exotic touch.


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Carol McKenzie:

Carol McKenzie is a free-lance writer living in Las Vegas, Nevada.She is working on several short stories and one manuscript. She enjoys writing humor about the day-to-day mundane events that surface in everyday life. She hopes to publish more in the near future.

Should I Say Anything - About That Growth?
Curling, My Kind Of Olympic Sport
Goat Yoga, Is That How Goat Cheese Is Made?

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Mick ” SeasnŠin:

Mick ” SeasnŠin has continually attempted to farm his quarter acre lot in the small town of Wooster, Ohio while catering to the diverse and often unanticipated needs of his tripod-ish dog and three rowdy children. His wife tolerates his creative habits and occasionally enables his binges of writing and photography.
Find more of his work at

What Only Parents Say
Gol' Corral (Parody of "Old Town Road")

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Ed Ahern:

Ed Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. He’s had two hundred stories and poems published so far, and three books. Ed works the other side of writing at Bewildering Stories, where he sits on the review board and manages a posse of five review editors.

The Urchin Response
Primal Urging
The Dead Birds of Christmas

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John Ohno:

John Ohno is a software engineer and freelance essayist. In his free time, he experiments with generative art.
He participates in NaNoGenMo every November -- wherein he writes programs that generate novels.
He has released over 40 albums of experimental music under the name Infocalypse, many using his own command-line music composition and synthesis toolchain.
John lives in Connecticut with his cat.

She Awaited the Turkeys

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R.D. Ronstad:

R.D. Ronstad is retired and lives in Phoenix, Az, USA. He writes humor pieces and poetry. His work has appeared or is to appear on the literary humor sites The Big Jewel and Defenestration and the poetry sites Bindweed Magazine and Rat's Ass Review.

Too Violent Movies For Children
Movies Peter Rabbit Declined To Apper In Because He Feared They Would Damage His Image
Movies I'd Rather See Than AVP; Alien vs. Predator
Scary Movies For Queasy Stomachs
Pro Wrestling Memoirs: A List As Real As Professional Wrestling Itself
Names The Lone Ranger Considered Adopting Before He Officially Became Known As The Lone Ranger
Signs You May Be A Butterfly Dreaming You're A Man
Plays Written By A Roomful Of Monkeys With Typewriters
Ways To Annoy The Passenger Sitting Next To You On A Long Distance Train Ride
Vampire Westerns
Product Names You Could Use For A Snooty Rich Guy's Name in That Screenplay You're Writing With A Snooty Rich Guy In It
Shocking Revelations About The World's Most Interesting Man
What Not To Say To Food
Things To Do While Waiting In A Long Supermarket Checkout Line
Reality TV Shows That Would Be Worth Watching (At Least For 10 Minutes)
Not So Intimidating Wrestling Moves
To Do List For The Extraterrestrial's Last Week On Earth
Track List From An Album Titled The Moody Guitar
From The Conversations Of Birds On A Wire
Reasons To Reconsider Buying A Car
Negative Book Jacket Blurbs
Spice Up Your Halloween Menu With These
Reasons To Go Greyhound
Ifs And Buts, Etc.
Questions A U.S. President Should Ask Himself Before Pardoning A Turkey At Thanksgiving
Things Your Barber May Be Doing While You Have That Hot Towel Covering Your Face
Mistakes Clark Kent Has Made While Looking For A Job
Sequels/Prequels to Some Popular Songs
Feebly Humorous Christmas Songs That Haven't Been Written Yet
From the Auditions of a Goose Who Never Made it as An Actor
A Survey of People Who Regularly Respond to Surveys
Now Showing at the Deep Forest Cineplex
Shouted or Sung from the Ranks of Infantry During Various Roman Triumph Processions
My Jack Bauer (or Chuck Norris, Take Your Pick) List 
I Answer Some Questions Posed on

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Luke Dalton:

Luke Dalton is the pen name of Luke Saldanha. Luke is a writer, currently living in Europe.
He has compiled a lot of humorous material by simply working in ordinary jobs.


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Hari Manev:

Hari Manev is an emeritus professor from Chicago who, while working as a neuroscientist and neuropharmacologist, published extensively in the scientific literature. Now he writes fiction, which he publishes as stories made of up-to-140-character tweets. Although his novels may be classified as “twitterature” or “Twitter fiction” Hari doesn’t use Twitter.
Author’s motto: In a culture where everybody’s tweeting about themselves, it’s a storyteller’s duty to remain as silent as possible and let the tweets talk.


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Michal Malek:

Michal Malek is a television director, producer and writer from Cape Town, South Africa. He is working on his first novel (March 2019), and he writes flash fiction and short stories for the fun of it!

The Laughing Wallflower

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Jay Adair:

Jay Adair is an office worker and music instructor. His work has appeared in Beneath the Rainbow and his music with Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish and with Chad McCoy has been heard on CBC radio.

Incident Report

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Brendan Smith:

Brendan Smith is a writer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

I May Not Talk To A Lot Of Girls But Me Holding The Door For Them Is Going To Lead Somewhere

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Kelly Kon:

Kelly Kon is an author of short fiction, flash fiction, and novels from America's Corn Belt.
She enjoys breathing life into compelling characters and seeing the humor in everyday situations.
Life is only as good as the people in it - take the time to see them.

Too Quiet

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Flora Jardine:

Flora Jardine writes plays, fiction, and non-fiction from her home on the edge of the woods.

Support Payments
Archetypes On Meds
You Are Here and the Time is Now
Curating Your Bubble

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Rebecca Rhodes:

Rebecca Rhodes is an author from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States, and she attends college for creative writing in California.
She writes everything from narrative poetry to sci-fi novels, and plans to publish several books and collections in the summer of 2019.


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Edmund Conti:

Edmund Conti lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he divides his time between night and day.

Little Willies
Across Narragansett Bay and into the Trees
Not Ready for my Bucket List
Hard Rhymes, Hard Times
Pretending to be a Song Writer
Light Game
How to Write a Sestina
Braving the Elements
A Couple of Guys Called Ben and Don
The Ed C. Scrolls
Weather or Not

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Gail White:

Gail White is a formalist poet whose books ASPERITY STREET and CATECHISM are available on Amazon.
She is a contributing editor to Light Poetry Magazine. (
Gail lives in Breaux Bridge, LA, with her husband and cats.

Looking For An Agent

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Andrew Sansom:

Andrew Sansom graduated from Bath Spa university in 2019, having studied creative writing. He was one mark off of a first, but IS NOT BITTER ABOUT IT.

Snuffle in Silence

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Priyanka S. Raj:

Priyanka S. Raj (Pseudonym: Mahi) is an international Poet, English Author, Journalist by profession and an enthusiastic young Research Scholar hailing from Shillong, India.
She is a lady of letters many trades. Her interest and passion for literature and poetry set her apart from the crowd.  Her passion for British Romantic poets and Turkish poets casts a spark in her works.
She has sincere love for Nature, Art, Music , Culture and a believer in peace and harmony. She is an author of her debut poetry book Social Blues; Beyond Solemn Balladry recently published on Feb5, 2019. Her poem Beacons of Mariner got featured in the Indian Navy literary magazine Quarterdeck 2019
Recently her poems got featured in New York October Hill Magazine  - Soul Blossom in spring Issue 2019 and her poem Let Me Fly got featured in Issue 11, The Pangolin Review.
Priyanka is the winner of All India Poetess Competition 2016.
Currently, her poems are featuring on the various literary magazine, and on REALISTIC POETRY INTERNATIONAL, Arizona US. She is now designated with Literary Colonel by for her incredible contribution.

Priyanka can be reached as follows:
EMAIL:  mahipriyankaraj (at)

The Old Cruel Rain And The Wind
The Pink Love Of Cherry Blossoms That Perfectly Captures My Heart
Beautiful Winter Morning In Vail Valley
Dear 2020

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John Yelavich:

John Yelavich has published five books of poetry to date, Serendipitous Mindscapes; Barefoot Ballet; Hued Horizons; Dream-Hunters; and Fate’s Haven
He is an active member of two Writers Groups in New Jersey. He is retired and writes for his community newspaper.
A near death experience in 1998 instilled John with a unique perspective on family, friends and life. 
He is a graduate of Heidelberg University, BA and New York University, MA.

Feels Like Barbed Wire
Hands Of Steel, Not Today
Breathless And Fried
When I Hold You
A Crazy Lady
Her First One
The Boys Of Summer
Peering Tenderly At You
I Still Love Her So
A Natural Beauty
Oh So Cute

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Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri:

Yash is a graduate of Colorado State University's MFA program in fiction. A recipient of two Honorable Mentions from Glimmer Train, his story, "Strangers," was nominated for The Best Small Fictions.
His work is forthcoming or has been published in journals such as Unstamatic, Maudlin House, Door Is A Jar Magazine, and Ariel Chart.
He lives in Garden Valley, Idaho.

A Professor Explains His Dissatisfaction With Jagger's Satisfaction
Professor Botkin Explains Why “White Christmas” is a Racist Song
A Kangaroo Reflects on Donald Trumo and The Threat to Animals

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Igor Kluev:

Igor Kluev is a graduate of MEPhI in Moscow, Russia. He is an active member of two Writers Groups in NJ, and two Poetry Groups in Moscow.

Any Mission Is Possible
What A Day!

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Alex Andy Phuong:

Alex Andy Phuong graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with his Bachelor of Arts in English in 2015 and was an editor for Statement Magazine.
He currently writes articles and film reviews online. His writing has appeared in The Bookends ReviewSociety of Classical Poets, and Wilderness House Literary Review #12/4.

Kate Winslet
Great Expectations (sequel)
Emma (Not by Jane Austin)
Michael Douglas
Emma Stone Watson
Joker (As a Comedy)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Only the Ones Who Do Not Read Her Work)
A Streetcar with (Possibly) Naked Desire
Shakespearean Farce
The Cuckoo in the Cuckoo's Nest
Feed the Birds (but Proceed with Caution)
A Crisis Involving a Daughter of Isis
Mulan Rouge
Fifty Shades of Romeo and Juliet
Withering Heights
Death of Bookstores (Instead of Salesmen)
Ultrashort Humour
An Obscure Comedy 
Acting in Hollywood
A Marriage That Contradicts the Way of the World
Harry Potter Fandom
Mutant Mutiny  
Disney Magic?
Juliet's Paradox
A Warning for Preteens
Best Picture
For Your Protection
Realize the Need to Summarize
All Right 
Calvin Klein
According to Philip Larkin, “Books Are a Load of ****” 
The Cinematic Queen 
Ruler Rules
Colour Humour
The Meaning of Reality
Funny Man
Bla Bla Bla
Does Mother Really Know Best?
Indelibly Inedible
After Laughter
Another Day of Funny
Sonny Funny
Funny Bunny
Chuckle Instead of Choke
Fight Fire with Satire
Brief Examples
Satirize to Realize
Eagle Eyes
Thank You, Mr. Bear
A Humorous Parable
Funny Woman
Ryan Gosling
The Bad Are Not Always Beautiful
An Umbrella from Cherbourg
People (No Preceding Adjective Necessary)
Social Media Awkwardness
Mr, Write
The Perks of Being an English Major
The 500 Word Dash
I Am Me So Yippee
A Girl Named Sam
Wizards vs. Vampires
The Coldness of Finals Week
My Life in One Hundred Words
High School Versus Junior College
The Interpreter
The Greatest Stories Almost Never Told
A Tale of Cities 
Vaguely Abstract
I Dream of Genie
A Possible Solution to Global Warming
Be Witched
And All That Jazz
Mary Poppins Returns to Cherry Tree Lane...Repeatedly
Without Payment 
I Can't, Kant
The Modern Titanic
La La La
Satirical Humor
C(rude) Humor
Crazy Literary Characters
Stop the Beat
Fun Knee
Fictional Landscapes
Verbal Humour
Laughing All the Way
Beyond the Original Source Material
The Subjectivity of Humour
Weekly Weak
Contemporary Contempt
Beyond Post-Modernity
Correcting Correctness Correctly
The Subliminal and the Satirical

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S.B. Julian:

S.B. Julian writes comic tales from the west coast of Canada, and maintains the humour blog "JustJests" -- a serial tale of odd goings-on at the Stoic Philosophy Cafe:

Everyday Ghosts
Joy to the Sane
Santa Claus's Retirement Letter
My Cat Changed Their Identity

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Dan Keeble:

Dan Keeble hails from the furthest point East in the UK, and has enjoyed many successes with online and print publications of poetry, short stories, humour, and more serious articles.
He has appeared in Fiction on the Web, Everyday Fiction, Turnpike Magazine, Scribble, Flash Fiction Magazine, Agape Review, and many others on a long journey to a stubby pencil.

Beach Wind
Aged Marriage Guidance
Gardening Shoes
Sales Talk

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Edward Lee:

Edward Lee’s work has appeared in Story and Grit, Fiction on the Web, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Transcendent Visions.
His favorite writers are Denis Johnson and Ray Bradbury, but not the tame Ray Bradbury that they make you read in high school.
Edward lives in Queens, New York.

Culture Shock

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Richard Sensenbrenner:

Richard formally studied to be a writer a long time ago at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  He was then forced to get "a real job," which turned out not to be the end of the world.
Sometimes, at a meeting, his pen will drift to the margins of his legal pad and the outline of a story idea will begin.
He has recently been published at Ancient Paths, The Corner Club Press, Down in the Dirt, No Extra Words and Every Day Fiction.

Curse of the Virgin

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Vincent Barry:

After retiring from a career teaching philosophy, Vincent Barry returned to his first love, fiction. His stories have appeared in numerous publications in the U.S. and abroad, including: The Saint Ann’s Review, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Broken City, Abstract: Contemporary Expressions, Kairos, Terror House, Caveat Lector,The Fem, BlogNostics, The Writing Disorder, whimperbang, The Disappointed Housewife, and The Collidescope. Barry lives in Santa Barbara, California.

The ABC's of the Family Christmas Letter
Scientific Method
At a Loss
A Letter Home
Two Things
Lone Star State
My Attorney, the Jungian
Poised To Move
Step 9
Fear of Metaphor
Trader vs. Investor
Never Mind
Quiet on the Set

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Hazel Girolamo:

Hazel Girolamo was born in Adelaide, South Australia but now calls the beautiful island state of Tasmania, home. Here she joined a creative writing course which she continues to attend not only for the tuition but for the enjoyment of writing. Hazel lives with her husband and son and has lately become the personal servant to a  German Wirehaired pointer who has taken over every waking moment (and quite a few of the sleeping ones too)  When not attending to Sheldon's many needs and wants Hazel tries to find some time to read and embroider and has always had  a special interest in ancient Egyptian history.  Hazel has had her work broadcast on radio and been published in small local anthologies. She prefers to look and write about the lighter side of life.

Pride And Presents
The Babysitter
Terminal Blues
Dead Fred
Jesus Wants My Sunbeam

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Stacey Tol:

Stacey Tol is an American freelance writer who misses eating out and needs to stop baking cookies.
(written during coronavirus outbreak - April 2020)

Suspicion and Guilt have Killed my Relationship with the Delivery Guy
The Intrepid Baker and Her Critics

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Preeth Ganapathy:

Preeth Ganapathy is from Bengaluru, India. Her works have been published in a number of magazines including Spark, Muse India and Literary Yard. 

The Haircut
A Driving Expedition

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Anita G. Gorman:

Anita G. Gorman grew up in New York City and is aging in Ohio. She has had a number of short stories and essays published in various venues during the last six years. She hopes to have her first short-story collection published in 2020.

The Hitherto Unknown Theft of Portuguese Letters
Plot Anxiety Syndrome
O, Apostrophe!
Aggie's Afghans

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John Peterson:

My Name is John Peterson and although I met and now live with a girl on the Wirral in Bebington on 'The dark side' of the river Mersey as we call it, I am a born and bred Liverpool lad.
I am a 61 years of age area sales manager who many years ago served some time in the R.A.F. I enjoy writing thanks to my English teacher Mrs Pritchard.
Mrs Pritchard was kind enough to give me extra English leasons at school and partly ensuring that I left school with two qualifications grade A O'Level in English language and grade A O'level in Metal Work.
When I went to see the school careers teacher before leaving school he said 'What are you going to do Peterson make big steel letters?' and that's true

Mickey Joins the Bowling Club

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Marina Rubin:

Marina Rubin’s work had appeared in over eighty magazines and anthologies including 13th Warrior Review, Asheville Poetry Review, Dos Passos Review, 5AM, Nano Fiction, Coal City, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Jewish Currents, Lillith, Pearl, Poet Lore, Skidrow Penthouse, The Worcester Review and many more. She is an editor of Mudfish, the Tribeca literary and art magazine.
She is a 2013 recipient of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship. Her fourth book, a collection of flash fiction Stealing Cherries was released in November 2013 to rave reviews.
In addition to writing, Marina Rubin is an avid mountaineer, having summited Kilimanjaro, made it to Everest Base Camp, completed Tour du Mont Blanc and Camino de Santiago.


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Elizabeth Ann Reed:

Elizabeth Ann Reed is an author, musician and activist. Her essays have been published in Entropy, Consequence Magazine, The Rumpus, Cleaning Up Glitter, Mothers Always Write, and Echo: A Journal of Creative Non-fiction.
She lives in Belmont, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

Thirteen Types Of Zoomers

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William Kitcher:

Bill has had short stories, plays, and comedy sketches published and/or produced in Canada, the U.K., Holland, Ireland, and the U.S., but he’d like to be published in some place like Costa Rica or Laos so he could appear to be really cosmopolitan and get a nice vacation when he goes to read his work. He has worked as a writer, editor, film extra, tech company administrator, and government puppeteer, but his favourite job was as an all-night gas station attendant. Arlo was a real dog, “the dog of dogs”, and Bill misses him.

Jerry And Arlo And The Good Idea
From The Desk Of The Minister Of Foreign Affairs
The Professor
Three Newly-Discovered Biblical Texts
Mary and Joseph Talk to Jesus About His Future
Presidential! Crisis! 2109! C.E.!
World Cup Football All-Star Team
Celebrity Charity Appeal
Punk Band Journal 1976-77, Except That Time Is An Artificial Construct, Ya Yobbo
James’ Itchy Nostrils
The Little Creepy Man In The Park
E-mail to Real Estate Mogul Tom Murphy
12 Things I Learned Before 2014
11 Things I Learned In 2014
16 Things I Learned In 2015
20 Things I Learned In 2017
22 Things I Learned In 2018
23 Things I Learned In 2019
19 Things I Learned In The First Half Of 2020
17 Things I Learned In The Second Half Of 2020
Cooking for the Single Person – Chapter 4 – Food
Cooking for the Single Person – Chapter 9 – What You’ll Need In The Kitchen
The Appointment
Carrie: The True Story, Not What Stephen King Wrote
Checking In At The Waldoria Hotel

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Peter Wakefield Kitcher:

Peter Wakefield Kitcher (1921 – 2020) was the descendant of Hampshire landowners, who squandered their opportunities and returned the Kitchers to a condition of peasantry. Peter was born in Harlesden, Middlesex, and served during World War II in the Royal Air Force’s Intelligence Services as a wireless operator in England, India, and Burma, monitoring enemy communications until the end of the war, after which he monitored American ones.
He obtained degrees in history and psychology, then worked in Deaf Education in Surrey and London before emigrating in 1964 to Canada to work at Sir James Whitney School (formerly Ontario School for the Deaf) as an audiologist and administrator.
In his spare time, he was an actor/director, golfer, winemaker, rugby player and referee, dog and cat lover, chess and cribbage player, crossword puzzle solver, soccer coach, gardener, fan of Barney Miller and WKRP in Cincinnati, Goon Show-impersonator, and avid scotch drinker.
He had never written anything creative except for a couple of comedy sketches until his wife Doreen passed away in 2009, after which he went into a writing frenzy and wrote more than 30 stories over the next year.

That Day In May
This and That
Man’s Best Friend
Delhi to Bangalore
The Future
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Kate’s Wedding

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Ash Jurberg:

Ash Jurberg is a humor writer from Melbourne, Australia.
His work has been published in Slackjaw, Robot Butt, LOL Comedy, and his mom's Xmas card.
In addition to writing, he has done stand up and improv in which he was described as “that guy on stage”.
His writing skills have been honed while studying at Second City. 
He has been to 105 countries and is welcome back to many of them.

Daily Affirmations For Dogs (Muttfulness Meditation)

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Tiffany H. White:

Tiffany H. White (1963, IC1F, LGBTQ, SA5, UK) began writing as an antidote to lockdown dementia in 2020 and hasn’t given up yet.
Her work “Field Post 37560” received 2nd place in the International Festival of Human Rights Art of Creative Unity Award 2020. 

Smells Like Nirvana
A Bit of a Performance
It's Physical
Strange Brew
A Concise History of Western Art According to Lear

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Sobia Ali:

Sobia Ali has an MA in English Literature. Her work has appeared in Atticus Review, The Indian Quarterly, The Bosphorus Review of Books, Gone Lawn, The Punch Magazine, Queen Mob's Teahouse, trampset, Lunate, Kitaab, ActiveMuse, The Cabinet of Heed, Ombak Magazine, Literary Yard, and is forthcoming in Another Chicago Magazine, Sahitya Akademi's Indian Literature, Close To The Bone, and elsewhere. She is currently at work on  her novel.  

An Old Spinster Spots A UFO

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James Kowalczyk:

James Kowalczyk was born and raised in Brooklyn but now lives in Northern California with his wife, two daughters, twenty-five fish and four cats.
He teaches English at the high school as well as the college level. 

Garage Sale Blues: A Suite in Three Movements

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