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Jeff Burton:

Jeff Burton is 55 and lives in Australia. Jeff is a retired teacher of physics who now spends his time playing ukulele and writing. Jeff is still waiting to be rich and famous and is beginning to suspect a dreadful mistake has been made.

Darwin and the Basset
The Hard Case
The Orchestra
God's Diary: The Early Bits
Bugger Off!
The Guitar Lesson

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Matevž Hönn:

Name: Matevž Hönn, Born: 7.7.1972 Slovenia, live in Beijing, Height: 180 cm, Weight: 78 kg, no-smoker, moderate drinker, part time writer, chess player, soccer and jazz fan. If he would have a dog he would call him Bernie, if he would have a gun he would call her Miranda.

Chessmaster's Brain

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Phil Richardson:

Phil Richardson lives and writes in Athens, Ohio. He met his wife there in a creative writing class and they have been creating ever since. Two of his stories, "The Joker is Wild" and "Garden Ornamentals"  have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Fiction.
His work has appeared in Elf: Eclectic Literary Forum, Fantasy, Folklore and Fairytales, Northwoods Review, Wild Violet, The Storyteller, Cafe Irreal, Digitalis Obscura, Big Pulp, Danse Macabre, Sonar4, Bending Spoon, Short Story Library, Word Catalyst, The Legendary, The Apparatus

Anthologies: Love After 70, The Best of Monsters Next Door, Exit 109, Outer Side of LIfe, Writing On Walls Anthology.


Driving Me Crazy

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Catherine Warnock:

Catherine Warnock is the author of Hot Tips for Cool Parents: the key to raising awesome kids (Connorcourt Publishing, Ballan, Australia), a down to earth look at positive role-modelling (which doesn’t leave you feeling like a dud parent!).
Catherine also writes a humorous weekly newspaper column under the banner of The Kitchen Philosopher and is mum to three grown up sons.
She lives in north east Victoria and plays the guitar really badly.
Check out her blog at for more info.

Understanding Kids (The Missing Link is Still Missing)
A Brief Moment in History

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Tricia Sutton:

Tricia Sutton has a bad habit of writing 100,000 word novels then tearing them down to make flash pieces from them. While she seeks behavioral help for this oddity, please enjoy shorts from her still-yet-to-seek-publication novels, Hiding in the Spotlight and Outcasts.
Other publications include The Rambler, Hazard Cat, The Shine Journal, and A Simple Life of Joy.
She welcomes visitors to her writing blog at

If I Did It
A Toast To Horseshit

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Marsh Cassady:

Marsh Cassady, a writer and artist with fifty-two published books, is a former actor and university theatre prof. For about thirty-five years he's conducted writing workshops in various genres. He lives in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico with his partner and six members of the feline persuasion.

A Title by Any Other Name
The Interview

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Deborah Cherry Mosch:

Deborah Cherry Mosch is an artist and professor living in Savannah, GA with her husband and series of animals. She has been editing a color theory textbook for eighteen years. (It has occurred to her recently that her childish sense of humor, incessant email-writing and a chain of nonstop, lifelong, unfortunate, awkward occurrences may exist not just to annoy, but to help people.)

Dead Man's Coats
One of the Times my Boyfriend Almost Killed Me
Thoughts from Rip the Whippet

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Kara Carlson:

Kara Carlson graduated from the University of San Francisco in May 2008 with an English degree, creative writing emphasis. Since 2009, she has published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in online publications, including InTravel Magazine,, Blood Lotus Literary Journal, Denver Syntax, and the WHL Review. She also has a forthcoming print publication in The Battered Suitcase. She will be attending the University of New Orleans' MFA program in the Fall of 2011.
She maintains a website for entertainment purposes, at

Vomit and Tampons
Baby Balls
McDonald's and Excrement
Big Boy
Bathroom at the Point

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Richard Brown:

Richard Brown lives in China. He has been writing short stories for many years, and his works are very popular.

A Good-bye Dinner Means Goodbye to All

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Linda Garnett:

Linda Garnett enjoys writing humorous speculative fiction and in her spare time works on her novel. Her work has appeared in Stories That Lift, New Flesh, Flashes in the Dark, Static Movement, WeirdYear, Yesteryear, Flash Shot and The Short Humour Site. In her spare time, she profiles up and coming musicians in her blog:

The Opposite Effect
Halfway There
Litter Bugs

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Xavier Ticas:


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Katie O'Brian-Robles:

Katie O'Brian-Robles lives in Baja MX. She is working on a chic lit romance novel full of semi-steamy scenes and intrigue. She lives with her husband, Mike, and rescued doberman, Sofia.

Janice and Honey
Some Men Just Need Killin'
Her Ladyship Goes to the Vet
Not Quite The Threesome He Envisioned

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Rebecca Anne Renner:

Rebecca Anne Renner was born and raised in the Sunshine State, where she currently lives and goes to school at Stetson University. While not writing questionable poetry or trying to finish her third novel, she volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation center and complains about the weather. Her work has appeared or is upcoming in Pedestal Magazine and Mothering Magazine among others. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Barrier Islands Review.


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Neil Ellman:

Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey (USA). Although he personally has a dislike for cats, he finds them endlessly amusing and their behavior ripe for satire.

The Onomatopoeic Cat
The Aristocratic Cat
The Bipartisan Cat

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Rebecca L. Brown:

Rebecca L. Brown is a British writer. She specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost. For updates and examples of Rebecca’s work, visit her Twitter page @rlbrownwriter or her blog Bewildering Circumstances ( ) .

FAO 'Gnome Man'

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Phil Sawyer:

Phil Sawyer was born in Birmingham, England. His writing has appeared on some of the finest walls across the Midlands. His first collection of short stories, Little Things, was published as an eBook in 2010 and is available at all online retailers that are named after major South American rivers.
He also runs the Make Lard History blog: which is inexplicably popular in Iowa.

Joining the Club

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Amanda LaPera:

Amanda, an English teacher in America who hopes to instill the same passion for writing in her students that she has long since enjoyed, is preparing to publish her non-fiction novel LOSING DAD (, the true story of her dad’s rapid descent into psychosis and paranoia, a trip that involves four continents, thirty countries, thirteen wives and a lost fortune.
Check out more of her writing, including links to her short stories and poetry, at

Justice is Served

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Lata Vijaybaskar:

Lata Vijaybaskar is a freelance writer, lecturer and doctoral student. Apart from maintaining her blog and currently dipping her fingers into deep waters of novel writing, she has contributed to magazines and papers and also guest blogs.
Read Lata's blog at:

Chaired Revenge

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Lucia He:

Lucia He is a student at Zhuxing College of Northwestern Teachers University, China. She majors in English literature and likes practicing writing English short stories.

Whose Shoes Are They?

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Zach Smith:

Zach Smith is a writer of creative non-fiction and short fiction in a variety of genres from the suburban Philadelphia area. Recent stories of his have appeared in Concinnity and New Pop Lit. He is currently working on two story collections: “Clouds Over Pancake Mountain” and “Realms Beyond Midnight World: A VHS Mix Tape.” You can find links to some of his other stories and obscure reviews at:

Tin Foil Hat
Cookie Jar
Chinese Toilet Paper
Clyde Chesterfield's Invitation to the 1%er's Ball
The Oppression of the Ziggernauts
The Tea Basket
Syphon Theory
Poisoned Peeps
Snakes Without Colors
An Inconvenient Alternative Truth
Our Daily Bread
Let the Clutch Out Slowly
The Unicorn's Teapot
White Rhino Stew

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Christopher G. Meade:

Christopher G. Meade was born in, and survived, Nambour Hospital (it has the highest infant mortality rate in Australia) in 1990. He attended 10 different schools before dropping out of High-School halfway through grade 11 and surrendering himself to infamy. Formerly a chef, builder’s cleaner, dishwasher and lawnmower mechanic (in that order), he is currently unemployed and is once again trying to write ‘the novel’ from which Midnight Mass is an excerpt.
Christopher invites you to email him at

Midnight Mass
A Vision in a Dream
The Counted Monte Cristo

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Jim McInvale:

Jim McInvale is author of the remarkably obscure Down on the Cube Farm series, a compilation of work currently awaiting publication. He is an engineer and lives in Columbia, Missouri, USA.
Links to other stories by Jim include:

Triple Hug

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Tony R. Lindsay:

Tony R. Lindsay comes from North Carolina, USA. His stories have been published by World Audience, The Houston Literary Review, Deep South Magazine and other publications.

Ol' Possible
God Bless Miss Finch
A Pit To Hiss In
Orchestra Music
Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything
Sweet Reason
Full Circle

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Robert John Miller:

Robert John Miller's work has recently appeared in Bartleby Snopes and Writers' Bloc. He's from the Midwest and once almost died in Oklahoma.
More can be found at

Pillow Talk

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Roz Warren:

Roz Warren writes for the New York Times, the Funny Times, the Huffington Post, the Christian Science Monitor and many other journals.
Visit her website, connect with her on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter @WriterRozWarren.
Roz Warren is the author of

A Nun Walks Into A Library... ............ Smart Phone Apps Women Really Need ............ If You See Me On A Gurney, Call My Attorney
Men Who Don't Love Women Enough And How To Shoot Them   Lullaby Of The Sloth Mother   Sympathy Cards For Billionaires
Your Call Is Not Very Important To Us   Tea Party American History Pop Quiz   Flavor Of The Month
Air Disaster Horoscope   Love Songs For Long-Married Couples   Setter On The Roof
Advice For Aspiring Writers   We're Celebrating Our Divorce! And You're Invited!   You Will Grow Up To Be A Lion Tamer
Gone With The Wildebeest   Fifteen Signs That Your Husband Is Thinking Of Voting Republican   Do You "Like" My Brilliant New Facebook Idea?
Thanks For Flying Tightwad Airlines   My Resolutions For You In 2012   Smile, You're On Surveillance Camera!
What Would Steven Slater Do?   My Kind Of Superpowers   Sex, Lies And Identity Theft
Fifty Arguments To Have With Your Husband Before You Die   Twenty Dreams Interpreted   Ask Gabby Peter-Sploot, Sex Expert
James Franco, Underachiever   Periodic Table Of The Schmucks   Top Fifteen Ways Our Adult Children Disappoint Us
Brand Spanking New: A Librarian Reviews A Sex Book   How To Know If Ducks Are Unhappy: One Writer's
Google Analytic Adventure
  Bert And Ernie: The Prenup
I Hate Everybody... Starting With Me: A Shocking Book Review   Greener Than Thou: Saving The Earth, One Smackdown At A Time   You're Gay? I'm Not Surprised. But Thanks For Telling Me
Thanks For Trying To Ruin My Day!   I Read A Blog Today, Oh Boy   A Capital Time For Tweeting, Plus When To Shoot A Moose
Confessions Of A Cursing Librarian   He Wants Me Naked When I Fling The Front Door Open:
Joan Price's "Ageless Erotica"
  Chop Your Own Firewood And Learn to Juggle:
Advice I’m Going to Ignore From The Latest Edition of “Life’s Little Instruction Book.“ 
Congratulations On Your New Diagnosis
(Greeting Cards For People With Mental Health Problems)
  The Bad Haircut Blues   This Train Is Bound For Paoli - A Multiple-choice Essay
Two Little Words   Fun With Boomer Barbie   Colonoscopy Serenade
"Is Your Stomach Making You Sad?" And Other Conundrums Of 21st Century Life   Boomer Tunes Pop Quiz   The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Lewd in the Library
Weighing In   Are You A Handy Woman? Take This Simple Test And See!   Radical Middle-aged Cake Acceptance
I'm In Love With Mr. Yippee   It's May. Enjoy Yourself!   Freeze! It's the Library Police!
How To Break Your Toe In One Easy Step   A Tale Of Three Titties   Beverly Abbey
Sherlock, The Doctor and Batman? My Not Entirely Serious Predictions for Season Four of "Sherlock"   Librarians! What Are We Hiding?   Is That A Banana In Your Book Drop Or Are You Just Happy To See Me
Would You Ask A Librarian For A Lap Dance?   Airline Passengers! Is There a "Right to Recline?"   Slippery Slope
Bookmarks From Hell -- A List Of Unsavory, Alarming And Downright Nasty Things Librarians Have Found In Library Books   Hey Old Lady! Want To Buy A Reverse Mortgage?   Orson Scott Cart, Meet Louisa May Alcart: Top Twenty Nicknames Librarians Have Given To Book Carts
A Scent Called Library        

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Janet Eve Josselyn:

Janet Eve Josselyn is an architect, attorney, wife and mother. When she is not writing self-deprecating essays about her life or appearance, she enjoys poking fun at everything else.

Even Optimists Die, Eventually

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Tom Mahony:

Tom Mahony is a biological consultant in California with an MS from Humboldt State University. He is the author of the novels Imperfect Solitude and Flooding Granite. His third novel, Pacific Offering, is forthcoming on November 1, 2012. Visit his website at

The Girl
Smell of the Sea

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Janet Golden:

Janet Golden is a mild-mannered history professor and active union member at a public university.

Gone With The Wildebeest ............ Flavor Of The Month ............  
What Would Steven Slater Do?   Setter On The Roof    
Fifty Arguments To Have With Your Husband Before You Die   Bert And Ernie: The Prenup    
James Franco, Underachiever        
Smart Phone Apps Women Really Need        
Lullaby Of The Sloth Mother        
Tea Party American History Pop Quiz        
Love Songs For Long-Married Couples        
Fifteen Signs That Your Husband Is Thinking Of Voting Republican        
Sympathy Cards For Billionaires        

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John Sheirer:

John Sheirer lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, and teaches at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Connecticut, USA. His most recent book is the memoir Loop Year: 365 Days on the Trail, winner of the Connecticut Green Circle Award. Forthcoming are a collection of flash fiction (One Bite) and a creative writing guidebook (What's the Story?). He can be found here:

Letter to Santa

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Gurmeet Mattu:

Gurmeet Mattu is a Scots-born, award-winning comedy writer with a track record in print, stage, radio and TV.
You can read more of Willie's advice columns at

Willie's Wisdom
Best Of

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Andy Smith:

Andy Smith has written a novel and short stories. He also writes flash fiction. Some of his work can be found on the WriteWords website.

Christmas Again!

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Charlie Wade:

Charlie Wade lives in Derbyshire, England and has written two novels, a comedy spy thriller, Spies, Lies and Pies and a post credit crunch dystopia, Too Big To Fail. You can follow his ramblings at his blog,

Safety Begins At Home
Birth Complications

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Holy McDede:

Holly McDede is a Creative Writing freshman at California College of the Arts, where gets to read and write for a major. Can you believe it? Most people just do it for fun, but she is getting a degree for it! She loves America, because it is so very silly and makes for great satire.

Memoir Complete, Time to Stand in Place

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Erin Theisen:

When not obligated to spend time at that pesky and necessary thing called a "real job", Erin Theisen enjoys dreaming up fictional worlds, and is an aspiring novelist.

Cologne and Cheerios

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David Macpherson:

David Macpherson is a writer of short things. He lives in Central Massachusetts with his wife Heather and son George.

The Humpty Dumpty Cantata

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N. Joy Lutton:

N. Joy Lutton holds a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University and a M.A. in English at California State University, East Bay. She was Managing Editor of Arroyo Literary Review, Vol II.  Her non-fiction has appeared in magazines and newspapers. She writes for the University of Washington, Seattle and The Ranger.

Bus Stop

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Chris Behrsin:

Chris Behrsin is a working Science Fiction and Fantasy writer who has just returned to the UK after a year of teaching English in South Korea. He is currently working on various works of short fiction alongside a young adult fantasy novel. In his spare time, whilst not reading and writing, he likes to travel to exciting places or, when stuck at home, play Chopin on the piano.

Vampiric Impulses

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Arturo Gutierrez:

Arturo Gutierrez is an aspiring writer who also dabbles in Community College elective classes. One day he will try and transfer unless people actually start believing that he is an African prince and give him enough money to no longer work or go to school.

La Señora

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Howard Reeves:

Howard Reeves is a freelance writer with a background in music, advertising, corporate communications and screenwriting. Howard resides near Atlanta with his wife, Cheryl. His stories have appeared in Deep South Magazine, Bartleby Snopes, Black Lantern Publishing and NOTES Magazine.

Relationship 101
The Lottery

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Rebecca Burke:

Rebecca Burke was born in the late 1970s and lives in Hampshire, England. She has written poetry for years and tends to enjoy writing sarcastic and irreverent pieces. She is quite a people watcher and loves to write about the little things in life that annoy her!

Asda ............ The Poetry Guild ............  
Call Centres   Karma    
Womens' Clothes Shops   Will I Ever Get Published?    
Economy Class Syndrome   Rough Guide To Stubbington Village    
Going to the Airport   There's Only One Mother Teresa    
It's a Dog's Life        
Keep Fit        
Last Night        
Road Rage        
God You're Boring!        

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Eric Suhem:

Eric Suhem lives in California and enjoys the qualities of his vegetable juicer. His work has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Defenestration, The Beat, Ink Sweat & Tears, and elsewhere.
He is in the orange hallway (

Green Street
The 11th Hole
Motor Oil
Tennis and Lemurs
The Neighbors and the Vole
The Telemarketer
The Beekeeper

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Sandra Crook:

Sandra Crook writes fiction and occasional poetry as she cruises the French waterways with her husband. Her work has been published by Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, Backhand Stories, The Pgymy Giant, Eclectic Flash Literary Journal, The Short Humour Site, The Horrorzine, Long Story Short and MicroHorror, where she was a prizewinner in the 2010 Hallowe’en Contest. Other work has been accepted for publication shortly in anthologies produced by Static Movement.
Further details of her work and travels can be found at

Hero ............ Brotherly Love ............  
What Best Friends Are For        
All He Wanted For Christmas...        
Your Turn To Come To Us...?        
Hidden Depths        
Vive La Danse!        
A Tribute to Jemima        
When I Were A Lad        
Four Play        

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Allen Kopp:

Allen Kopp lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with his two cats, Tuffy and Cody. He has had over seventy stories appearing in such diverse publications as Santa Fe Writers’ Project Journal, Danse Macabre, A Twist of Noir, Skive Magazine, Midwest Literary Magazine, Short Story America, Midwestern Gothic Literary Journal, Planetary Stories, Best Genre Short Stories Anthology #1, ISFN Anthology #1, Superstition Review, Quail Bell Magazine, State of Imagination, Dew on the Kudzu, and many others.
He welcomes visitors to his website at:

The Doctor Will See You Now

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Eric Victor Neagu:

Eric Victor Neagu currently lives in Chicago, where he works as a consultant. Eric has degrees from Purdue University and The University of Chicago, where he studied fiction writing in the Master of Arts Program in Humanities. In addition to fiction writing, Eric spends considerable time working on environmental issues in post-industrial communities. He is also working on his first novel and a documentary about the Great Lakes. Eric is recently married and has two dogs and several unborn children.

An Adult Actor
Six Feet Deep

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Natalie McNabb:

Natalie McNabb lives and writes in Washington State where her dog, Skookum, and cat, Mo, can usually be found beneath the trees of her Eden with a squirrel tail, an exhumed mole or an up-flung mouse. She loves red—red dragonflies resting on bamboo stakes, red wine in her glass, red flip-flops on her red-toe-nailed feet—and words that caress, tickle, irritate or beat against her soul. Please visit her at

The Six-Year Itch

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Judith Mesch:

The first book by Judith Mesch in her gently magical, quite brief, readable series for children, which she is writing as Judith Chimes, is called The Strange and Wonderful Cornfield. This was published for Nook and Kindle and is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The second in the series, A Circle of Frogs, is coming out soon, illustrated in color for Nook Fire . Judith also had a few pieces of flash fiction published in 2012 in ezines. 

Uncommon Cold
Salute To The Garden
It's Hard To Be Ruthless
In Thanks
The Peek-A-Boo I. C. U.
The Common Cold

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Christopher Haygood:

Chris is an American author and satirist, as well as a lover of coffee, sushi, and video games. His work has been featured in such publications as The Big Jewel, Untoward Magazine, Defenestration, Kuribo's Shoes, and other places that specialize in nonsense. A more-or-less complete publication list is can be found at
He is currently working on his third novel.

The Monkey's Hand: A Fable
Shut Up About Cthulhu

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Abigail Wyatt:

Abigail Wyatt was born in and grew up in Essex but has spent most of her adult life in Cornwall. Formerly a teacher, she now writes poetry and short fiction and has been fortunate enough to place her work in a variety of outlets. Most recently, these have included Words with JAM, What the Dickens, One Million Stories and 5 Minute Fiction. She is also a regular and long-standing contributor to Poetry 24.
Abigail has published two collections of poetry, Moths in Jar (Palores,2010) and Moths and Nightjars (Amazon for Kindle, 2012). Her short story collection, Old Soldiers, Old Bones and Other Stories, is now available from One Million Stories.  She blogs at and may also be found at
Abigail enjoys performing her work locally and appeared at both the Penzance Literaey Festival and the Penzance Peace Fest Picnic in 2012.

Cut to the Quick (for an unworthy lover)
The Rap
A Maiden's Last Lament
O Chocolate Cake
Sweet Talk
In Praise of Cheese
The Barmaid's Lament

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Winnie Khaw:

Winnie Khaw was born in the late 1980s and aspires to be a successful published author sometime in the near future. In 2007 the CAPPIES (a high school critics and awards program) performed a one-act comedy play written by her. In 2008 she was accepted into the Orange County Playwright's Alliance for an adaptation of The Love of the White Snake and The Butterfly Lovers. She presented on an original Chinese fantasy novella and the history of Haiti in 2009 at a California Honors Symposium held at Stanford University. In 2010 Winnie began attending Chapman University as a creative writing major. In 2011 she attended the Sigma Tau Delta (International Honors Society) convention to present on an original comedic scene, and the Honors Western Regional Conference for a dramatic collection of Chinese supernatural romantic tales. She will present at the Honors National Conference later in 2011. In April 2011 the Kungfu Action Theatre podcast and the Kunlun Journal featured an original wuxia story.
For her other writings (consisting of essays, recommendations, and reviews) please visit

Never Have I Failed

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Joanne Arnott:

Joanne Arnott is a Canadian Métis author of six books, and mother of six children. The following stories were woven into an essay, Record of a Live Birth & Other Stories, included in the anthology Double Lives.
Visit Joanne's blog at

A Writer's Life: Limo Service

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